I led a drum journey last week on my Facebook page Dreamhealercoirnn.com and had a mini dream while I enjoyed the recording afterwards. I had a vision of a whole bunch of men and women from India running down a mountain in celebration mode. The women wore red Saris with gold coins. When I came out of the dream I was elated and knew that it was a reminder that what we do when we do any kind of spiritual work is raise our vibration and therefore raise the vibration on the planet. The fact that the setting was in India tells me that just by doing this one drum journey, our reach was widespread on the planet. The other message I received was from the gold coins on the red saris. In certain traditions you are given money in a red envelope as a sign of prosperity multiplied. The gold coins, of course, represent prosperity and abundance. The fact that everyone was running down the hill in showed forward movement and celebration now!!! Let’s celebrate what we have and also what want before it’s here.