Meet Corinn


Corinn LeMar, a native of San Diego, California, has been passionately and joyously sharing what has helped her heal from chronic illness and everything she learns with all who will listen, since she was a little girl. She graduated with a MA in Curriculum and Instruction, a BA in Liberal Studies and obtained her teaching credential from San Diego State University in 1997. After a decade of working in the San Diego Unified School District, she’d become ill, while also battling with anxiety and depression. She’d reacted to medications her medical doctors prescribed and had started searching for alternative healing modalities. She fell in love with alternative medicine and her roots of healing and resigned from the district shortly after becoming a Reiki Master in 2008. Corinn states, “I felt like I was really good at teaching. I love children, but I felt trapped by the confines of a highly political district and stressful lifestyle. I was a hummingbird trapped in a cage and needed to set myself free to be me under my own terms.”

Corinn meditated and gave herself daily doses of Reiki, which allowed her natural healing gifts to flow and calmness began to settle in. She took all of the nutrition classes she could. She began teaching Reiki shortly after. She asked spirit for help with allowing herself to open more to her natural gifts and trust that she could be supported by her passions for helping others for the highest good of all. She learned Shamanic techniques and her visions and dreams became even more vivid too. She also found and practiced Qigong to strengthen her energy field.

In 2009, Corinn made a commitment to write down her dreams to use them for personal healing. She has had many dreams of past lives, unresolved emotional issues and teaching dreams, where a guide or teacher shows her information and techniques to use to heal. Corinn strongly believes that our dreams are messages from our higher self on how to live a better life, if we only pay attention to them. It is the easiest way to communicate with our soul.

Corinn had been seeing clients and teaching Reiki classes for about a year, when, one day she came into her office to see a first time client that she recognized from a dream she had the night before. She gasped and told the client the dream she had in great detail. The client said that that was a clear picture of what she was dealing with in her life at the moment. Corinn proceeded to perform the shamanic healing session with help from spirit interpreting the dreams. That was the day Corinn knew she was no longer dreaming for only herself. Shortly after receiving dreams for clients all through the night, she began to establish boundaries to protect her sleep by asking for dreams for clients after a full night’s sleep. She also had friends, students and clients asking for clarification on their dreams, which comes pretty easily to her, based on her intuitive impressions, visions and guidance from spirit. In group events she led, such as restorative retreats, Reiki Mastership classes,Women’s Circles and Fire Ceremonies, she started having dreams revealing what the group needed healing with. The work Corinn does is organic and continues to surprise her as it evolves.

In May of 2013, Corinn received a profound message to make healing mixtures from trees. The tree that called to her first was the Ponderosa Pine, while in Mt. Shasta, CA. After collaboration with her healer friends and spirit she received steps on how to make these mixtures. She created her first healing blend called Reptilian Brain Healer upon receiving a message to put it behind the ears. This is the location of the Reptilian Brain, the old brain where our stuck emotional baggage tends to keep people frozen in old patterns based on fear, guilt, shame and grief. After using the mixture herself, had even more detailed dreams, allowing for her and her clients to heal in an even more profound way. She also created a mixture to help people to recall their dreams to empower them accelerate their own healing with the magic healing properties of trees and alchemy. In private sessions, group classes and events, Corinn allows for her clients and students to experience her oil creations.

She lives Michigan with the love of her life where she provides intuitive phone readings and teaches Reiki. She leads restorative retreats with love, hope and fun. It is Corinn’s wish that everyone learn how to take charge of their lives by listening to nudges from their soul.

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