Meet Corinn


Meet Corinn


A native of San Diego, California, I passionately and joyously share what has helped me heal from heartache and chronic illness with all who will listen. With an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, a BA in Liberal Studies and a teaching credential from San Diego State University, and Reiki Master, I have created curriculum for online classes and healing retreats. 

The first course I created, The Magic of Dream Healing shows how to work with dreams to move through blocks that  show up in our recurring dreams. Our dreams are a way for our soul to give us message of what needs attention in our lives. Many of the dreams can be of of past lives, unresolved emotional issues and teaching dreams, where a guide or teacher shows her information and techniques to use to heal. I strongly believes that our dreams are messages from our higher self on how to live a better life, if we only pay attention to them. It is the easiest way to communicate with our soul.

How this dream healing came about:

I had been seeing clients and teaching Reiki classes for about a year, when, one day I walked into my office to see a first time client that I recognized from a dream from the night before. I gasped and told the client the dream I had in great detail. The client said that that was a clear picture of what she was dealing with in her life at the moment. I proceeded to perform a shamanic healing session with help from spirit interpreting the dreams. That was the day I knew I  was no longer dreaming for only myself. Shortly after receiving dreams for clients all through the night, I began to establish boundaries to protect my sleep by asking for dreams for clients after a full night’s sleep. I also had friends, students and clients asking for clarification on their dreams, which comes pretty easily, based on intuitive impressions, visions and guidance from spirit. In group events I led, such as restorative retreats, Reiki Mastership classes, and Women’s Circles, I started having dreams revealing what the group needed healing with. The work I do is organic and continues to surprise me as it evolves.

The second online course I created, Magical Steps to Finding Love, came after learning the lessons from my own love relationships that didn’t work out. I know what it’s like to suck at love and have finally found the secrets to having a deeply fulfilling partnership. I spell out each step that worked in restructuring the way I did relationships. 

In May of 2013, I received a profound message to make healing mixtures from trees. The tree that called to me was the Ponderosa Pine, while in Mt. Shasta, CA. After collaboration with my healer friends and spirit 

I received steps on how to make these mixtures. I created my first healing blend called Reptilian Brain Healer upon receiving a message to put it behind the ears. This is the location of the Reptilian Brain, the old brain where our stuck emotional baggage tends to keep people frozen in old patterns based on fear, guilt, shame and grief. After using the mixture on myself, I had even more detailed dreams, allowing for  healing in an even more profound way. 

I live in Michigan with the love of my life and our cat, where I provide intuitive phone readings and teach Reiki. I lead restorative retreats with love, joy and light. It is my wish that everyone learn how to take charge of their lives by listening to nudges from their soul.

Check out today’s dream to see what you can use for your own healing from dreams Corinn has had for her own healing and for others.