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Corinn’s Dream Blog

Welcome to my Dream Blog! I believe I was given this gift of dreaming for others, not just for my clients and groups, but to help our world in a big way. I strongly believe that we are all connected and when one of us heals, we all can benefit. This belief is what has prompted me to create this Dream Healing Blog with the intention that through sharing the insights and healing that comes from my dreams may help us all. It is my hope that you find this blog useful for your own dream healing and that you participate with me as I post dreams that come through that I use to help myself and others heal. I will do this by asking myself for a dream the night before. I will document the dream, noting the emotions and dream symbolism, and sit with it in my morning dream check in time, asking my team of spirit helpers for help interpreting them and what symbolism, healing, messages and insights that come through. I will also include when I will have opportunities to participate in group dream healings from anywhere in the world. I welcome questions, feedback and intuitions that come through for you and personal dreams that have helped you heal. Let’s do this thing together!

Karma Clearing

I had a dream where a Hispanic woman asked me in a judgmental manner, “Do you have husbands all over the states? Are you going to do to him (meaning my boyfriend) what you did to your last one?” I awoke feeling slimed and had heavy energy in my field that I knew...

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Anxiety Relief

My client had been concerned that she was feeling high anxiety and feeling scattered. The dream I had was where a woman was walking to a class that had hardwood floors. It was dimly lit and people were standing in rows. The instructor looked like a wise man with a...

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Welcome Healing

The dream I had for a client of mine was where she was on a beach. She looked up and saw a huge wave coming. She immediately did a hand stand, some children grabbed her legs and helped her walk all along the beach in celebration of this wave. When I told my client...

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Is Your Energy Clear?

I had a dream for a client who was feeling heavy energy for a couple of weeks. In the dream she was looking forward to having a day all to herself in her home. When she walked out of her bedroom she saw strangers were in her house. They were everywhere. They couldn’t...

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Dream for Weightloss

I recently worked with a client who has been trying to lose weight for some time. She eats healthy and has a background in nutrition and other healing modalities and couldn’t figure out why she’s not losing weight. Most often when someone is dealing with weight...

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Dream Healing for Love

Almost everyday I have dreams for me, but I don’t often write about me because a woman once told me my newsletter should be inspirational and not a journal about me. I let that criticism in until I realized that as a collective consciousness healer, what I’m going...

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When Spirit Calls

It’s been about four months since I’ve written due to the fact that I felt like a fraud and avoided writing about this topic for that very reason. Even though I’ve been able to help so many people with their love lives, I was unhappy and sick in my marriage no matter...

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Self Respect

The dream I had was for a friend who had been struggling with major health issues for years. She had severe heel pain and hadn’t been able to walk for months. She’d been doing all the right things with diet, treatments and so on only to feel she was getting worse. The...

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Dream Healing Worthiness

The dream I had was of a woman at her co-worker’s last day of work. She really wanted to add to the collection of the group gift that was being organized, but she didn’t have any spare money. She really wanted to show her appreciation for all he did for her. She felt...

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Past Life Dream Healing Prosperity Blocks

I had a dream for a couple that were hitting blocks in becoming prosperous in their businesses. They’d created businesses from the heart, were in integrity with their work and couldn’t figure out why they were always breaking even at best. The husband was in major...

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Recurring Dreams

Have you ever had that recurring dream that just won’t stop bugging you? You don’t have to have it for the rest of your life. Your soul may be trying to get your attention. A gentleman I was working with had a recurring dream that had been haunting him for years. It...

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