Immune Boost Oil Blend


This is one of my first custom blends that I made specifically to remain healthy while teaching in the school district. I researched oils and crystals that strengthened the immune system. I take this with me when traveling as to return in good shape.


Great for:




*physically strengthening

*stimulates immune system







Shake well, apply to your feet between the toes in the morning and affirm out loud, “I AM IMMUNITY.” This blend gives your vitality a super boost while you go about your day.

Custom blended with Reptilian Brain Healer, Reiki and Organic oils of Frankincense for purification, Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus. Lemon and Rosemary for healing, strengthening and stimulating the immune system, Myrrh for rejuvenating, and Garnet crystals for physical energy strengthening, this blend is a must have for all seasons.

It is my wish that IMMUNE BOOST makes you strong through all of life’s changes.


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