In Person Drum Journey Sunday February 9 at 4:00pm Pacific


Join Corinn and like minded souls for this drum journey to clear blocks in your energy field, sooth the nervous system and rejuvenate the soul.


We will come together to receive messages on what we need to know to connect with ourselves and move through this year with grace and ease. Corinn will lead us in a meditative drum journey to help ease tension, pain, anxiety, stress and boost the immune system. The drum state helps us access the entire brain allowing for us to balance mentally and spiritually. With a grateful heart, Corinn always brings love, magic and miracles to those who join her.

You don’t need any experience. You can’t do it wrong. Each time is different as you are different. You may wish to bring a blanket for comfort if you choose to lie down. Please bring a bottle with water to your liking and any items such as crystals or momentos to be charged with good high vibrating energy on the altar.

Rancho Penasquitos. Please arrive by 4:00pm.

Address will be given upon registration as this is a private residence. There is a pet dog in case of allergies to dogs. She will not be out with us during the drum journey.



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