Still Thinking About an Ex?

Depending on what needs to heal, an ex may show up in your mind all of a sudden and stay there until you deal with him.  When one person is thinking of another, the energy is real and can connect to the other. One possibility is to ask that any and all energetic cords be sent to the light so that both of you are being fed from the Divine instead of each other. It’s a much healthier way to live. But what if that doesn’t do the trick to help you feel better, assuming it is bothering you to have this person showing up.

The next thing I would do is to ask your heart what it is trying to heal. Quite often it is the loss of the dream that you would always be together or the loss of who you were when you were together. Allow yourself to listen quietly for a few minutes. You can even turn on the radio and ask spirit for a song to help you out.  You may just need to cry to release old hurt from the disappointment that it didn’t work out.

One thing that may be helpful is to stop trying to push the feelings away. You’ve heard of the saying, “What we resist persists.” It’s sooooooo true. Feel those feelings and then find something that would make you happy. For me, it’s kitties and babies. Just looking at pictures or videos of kittens makes brings me into a better mood. One time I was really upset about an ex. I looked at a message a friend sent me of her kitty dressed up in a cutie costume. My energy lifted instantly. What is it for you that you can reset yourself after you’ve had sadness run through you?

When I’ve felt the feelings and can feel no more, I have a choice to either keep sitting in the dumps or get my ass up and take charge of my happiness. Stewing over the past will only produce the result of being in the past. But guess what? We have a whole life just waiting for us now. Why not make the best of it. Nobody else can make us happy but us. Even when we’re in a relationship, we can’t fully be available for our partner with this old baggage we hang onto. You may even find yourself comparing your current partner to an old one. When we do this, we can’t actually see who we’re with.

So I say, “Dump the trash out and go do something nice for you.” Take charge of your own happiness.