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Reiki I Class

Participants will learn the history of Reiki, how to apply a self-treatment and treatment on others, be attuned to be a clear channel of the energy running through the body for relaxation, restoration and balance.  Reiki I certificate will be presented upon completion of the course.

Reiki II Class

Level II (Distance Reiki) entails the training and sacred attuning of the traditional method of energy balancing and healing.  Reiki II allows the practitioner to tap into and direct the frequency beyond the physical plane into additional dimensions of time and space.  This is called Distance Reiki.  Three sacred symbols are learned.  Students are taught how to heal past emotional trauma’s, send healing to animals, babies using a technique to direct energy out of time and space and perform absentee healing methods.  The attunements will be performed in a sacred ceremony to attune the student to the frequency of each symbol for use in treatments. (Pre-requisite: Reiki I)


Reiki III Class

Learn how to perform aura clearing, also known as psychic surgery, to find the root cause of a chronic ailment to heal it. Be attuned to a new symbol to enhance the strength of your sessions on yourself or others. Learn to work with a pendulum and crystals specific to Reiki healing to restore and energize yourself and others. (Pre-requisite: Reiki I and II)

Reiki Mastership Requirements

  • Attend each class
  • Daily Self Reiki practice
  • Trade once or more per month with someone
  • Be of service once a month
  • Complete the assignments and hand in/email on time
  • Be gentle with yourself and others