I recently worked with a client who has been trying to lose weight for some time. She eats healthy and has a background in nutrition and other healing modalities and couldn’t figure out why she’s not losing weight. Most often when someone is dealing with weight issues, there’s a need for emotional healing at the root cause of it.
The dream I had for her was of this ex boyfriend who had dark energy attached to him. She walked into his apartment after being broken up with him and saw a sexy bra hanging on the bedroom doorknob. There was also a whole array of lingerie in the closet. When she asked if he had a girlfriend he said, “No, but Clint Eastwood told me to always be prepared to dress the ladies who come over.” Clint Eastwood was quite the ladies man. Then he went over to her and said he was going to take her bra off and she had no desire to be touched by him. She started to feel unsafe. I had this gross feeling in my stomach as he told her that. When I awoke I knew we needed to clear his energy out of her system she had collected from being in an intimate relationship with him in the past. Energy will linger in our bodies from past lovers. It had been keeping her stuck with regards to her own body image and was preventing her from losing the weight she wanted to. We needed to clear an energetic pattern she was holding. Her body was holding on tight to the weight because it didn’t feel safe from that experience. The belief was, “It’s not safe to be desirable.” As we cleared that pattern she was holding, all kinds of heavy black energy was released and I asked my guides and hers to bring it to the light. She felt much lighter after that.