Today I saw an anonymous comment that infatuation is when you find someone absolutely perfect. Love is when you realize they aren’t perfect and it doesn’t really matter. I believe that when you truly get to know someone for who they are and don’t compromise your needs to be with them, you can turn lust into love.
When I first met the love of my life, I was 11 years old and he was 12. I was indeed INFATUATED by his perfect sunlit blond hair, his sparkling green eyes, his delicious laugh and beautiful creamy skin color and facial features. I thought he was perfect. We were boyfriend and girlfriend for a year and kissed on the lips. When his family moved out of state, we remained in contact with letters to each other until we were out of high school. When he told me he had a girlfriend, I was devastated and cut off all communication. I thought this precious gem would be mine forever.
After 35 years and two divorces we have reconnected and that same infatuation is there, but the difference now is that over the years we’ve built a friendship based on only wanting the best for each other. I’ve also realized in getting to know him over time that he’s not perfect and I love him anyway. He loves me with all my imperfections.
I’ve fallen in love everyday with his kind words, his genuine care for my well being, his acts of service, how he treats his family and friends, his sense of humor… I could go on and on. What’s funny to me is that the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran played over and over again on the radio and was even sent to me by a girlfriend the same week we were reuniting in person. He may not be perfect, but he’s PERFECT for me ❤️