My client had been concerned that she was feeling high anxiety and feeling scattered. The dream I had was where a woman was walking to a class that had hardwood floors. It was dimly lit and people were standing in rows. The instructor looked like a wise man with a long beard. He turned to the woman when she entered the class and said and welcomed her. She took her place in the class and immediately felt she could breathe a sigh of relief. She was home.

When I awoke, I automatically knew what the message was for my client. In addition to the energy work we did during her session, she received the message that she needed to make time in her calendar to convene with spirit to develop her spiritual practice. Whether it was yoga, Chi Gong, meditation or something as simple as taking a deep breath before getting out of bed, it was time to start. She said she had been putting off committing to a spiritual practice because she had no time. She realized that we all have the same number of hours in the day and she has to make time. She also mentioned that she had been avoiding going deeper with her spiritual practice because she had been running from connecting with herself for quite some time and was afraid of what she might have to face. She also knew it would bring her peace as running had only kept her feeling unsettled.

The month is perfect for taking one small step toward a habit to start. It will plant the seeds for starting the new year.