A client I was working with wanted help for blocks to having what she wants. I believe having what we want takes two things: clearing energy in the way and surrendering to the divine plan of it.

The dream I had was where a woman had ordered pizza, but forgot to order it gluten free, so she asked if she could have it on gluten free crust. The male cook said yes. After the pizza was made, she realized she forgot to ask for dairy free cheese, as she is lactose intolerant. When she asked, a female clerk scowled at her and said no, as it had already been made. My client wondered why this woman was so rude with her delivery of the no. She understood the pizza had already been made, but needed to be able to eat it without a gastronomic blowout at the same time. She decided to ask the cook if he could make it gluten free and dairy free while apologizing for her mistake of not asking before. He smiled and said he would do it free of charge. Then I woke up.

When I spoke with my client, she knew that mean clerk was her own critical self who thinks she does not deserve what she wants. It was an old part of herself that believed the messages that were given to her as a child about not being the kind of people who can have what they want. It was an old belief of lack. Because of this belief running in the background, she often she becomes busy helping everyone else instead of focusing on what she wants because she feels unworthy. She also mentioned neglecting her well being. Feeling unworthy is a human condition that reminds us we are human. In addition to the Shamanic energy clearing of this energy, her homework is to focus on saying the words, “I am enough.” She is also going to welcome this critical part of her, but not let her run the show in her life any longer. She is also going to take better care of herself and surrender to the divine timing of it all.