My client asked for help and reassurance that she was going to be ok in the financial department. She has her own business and it had been a slow time for her. Sometimes when things aren’t going the way we think they should, we lose faith in the good that’s coming. Our mood and vibration lower and we become shaken to our core, as it’s our survival at stake. We energetically go down a rabbit hole of creating more suffering. Clearing out our energy field and getting back in a higher vibration is important to get us back on track and into alignment with our path.

I asked her to keep in mind that everything, including our business has seasons and right now we are in Winter, a time for slumber. This does not mean that the business has to be dormant during the Winter months. However, it does mean that she as the business owner may want to consider having some down time and make space for a new cycle. We all can benefit from reflection time. This can look like going to bed earlier and asking for guidance and inspiration during meditation for her business in this new year so that she is taken care of during the slower months. Just like flowers, we cannot always be in full bloom. The soil needs rest and so do we. That being said, we moved onto the Shamanic dream clearing.

The dream I had was where a woman was flying around in her bed sheets as if steering a car on the freeway, only she was in the air. She was thrilled from just having worked with a client and was on her way to a four hour job. She felt she was in alignment with life and confident that she and her prosperity were being carried by her team of divine helpers. Her thoughts spoke, “Woo hoo!” She was laughing and saying out loud, “I knew you guys were there!!!”

When I awoke from this dream, I knew she had received the confirmation she had been looking for. This dream reminded me of a process that my creative friend, Dr. Colleen McCann shared with me called Sensing the Divine with Fearless Abandon. We ran that process and you can too. Simply ask your spirit helpers for it, take a breath to receive and you have it. We realigned her energy and she was ready for a new vibration in her field for the prosperity that awaited her.

This morning before the session, I was reading my book called Change Me Prayers, by Tosha Silver. There is magic in these short, but sweet prayers. The prayer said, “Change me Divine Beloved into one who truly lets you take the lead. Fill me with patience and faith as you line up all the pieces of the puzzle. Let me trust the right changes always come at the right time.”