I had a dream where a Hispanic woman asked me in a judgmental manner, “Do you have husbands all over the states? Are you going to do to him (meaning my boyfriend) what you did to your last one?” I awoke feeling slimed and had heavy energy in my field that I knew needed to cleared if I were to get myself to a state of feeling like joyous self. I decided to pull cards from my Tarot deck asking spirit to help me clear this junk. This Hispanic woman often shows up in my dreams as an outdated part of me that shames myself for things I think have done that I feel guilty about on some level. You could call her my critical self. I had been feeling badly about breaking up my marriage as my ex was upset when I first talked to him about it. He later said I was the courageous one as we were both miserable together. I told this outdated part of me that I am not a bad person because I left that marriage. I had stayed far too long, ignoring messages from my soul and from spirit. After trying everything possible to make it work, I was literally dying in that marriage and finally had to take a stand for me. I was making a wrong right to free both of us.

When I checked in about the energy between my ex and I, I found that he had been directing negative energy towards me. Ex lovers can often reflect and become angry at the ex as time goes on and healing continues. This energy can come in the form of words or thoughts about the other person. It is often subconscious.

My spirit helpers helped me clear Karma and I said a prayer for both of us to release the energy and heal from hurts and to forgive one another for the upsets. To clear Karma, I simply ask to have it be cleared. I also asked for us both to be filled up with unconditional love and light so that we can fully enjoy our lives in the now.