A client wanted help for wealth consciousness. She felt like she just couldn’t break through into earning more than she needed and knew she’d been blocking herself, but wasn’t sure how. My client moved to a new town and was starting all over again with her healing business. She didn’t want to get an office or go searching for places to teach as she’d been exhausted from the move and stress of trying to run her own business. She’d also been trying not to force things as it never worked out for her.

The Dream

A woman I was observing in the mall was with her boyfriend. He said, “I could go for a huge latte right about now.” She wished she could be as abundant conscious as he was. As they walked around, she saw an older woman working behind the candy counter and another older gentleman working behind the coffee counter. She thought to herself, “I should get a summer job just so I can make more income.”

All of a sudden, a man’s booming voice came on over the speakers above. He said, “You don’t need to do that, sweetheart. How about you get comfortable with receiving large sums of money? Go get a massage.” The woman thought she couldn’t possibly afford a massage and pay her bills. She thought it would be irresponsible to spend money she didn’t have. This woman was also highly stressed out from being in survival mode and sorely needed a relaxing massage. She said, “I can’t. I don’t have the money.” The booming voice said, “No matter how much it costs, go get that massage.”

When I told the dream to my client, she said, “That’s me. I’m too terrified of running out of money or not making enough to spend any more money on myself.” She’d been spending all she had on her bills and health supplements as she’d been feeling awful We spent the entire session removing blocks from wealth consciousness.

I also knew that booming male voice was a guide of hers giving her a message. I remember a mentor of mine had told me to take care of me first and play first. She said one time she had only five dollars to her name. She took that five dollars and bought herself a cheap movie ticket. When she came out of the movies, she had a client email waiting for her asking to book a session. I tried it back then and it’s miraculous how it works to take ourselves out of the game for a couple of hours to let spirit do the work that we can’t.

As we were getting off the phone, I asked my client if she was going to get a massage. She said she’d try. To me that was a maybe. As much as I wanted to, I didn’t push, as we all have free will and I’d done my part of delivering the message.

About a month later, I received a call from her thanking me for her session. She had gone to her chiropractor a couple of weeks prior and while she was checking out she saw a massage therapist come out of a room. She asked the receptionist if they offered massage and the therapist said yes and that woman was the best out of the two that worked there. She remembered the message from her guide and asked to book a massage before her next adjustment with him. When she went to her appointment, the massage therapist asked her what she did for work. My client told her that she taught classes on energy clearing and Reiki and the massage therapist told her she’d been wanting to learn all of that and so did her friends. They exchanged information and now my client will be teaching a class full of eager participants in her living room. She also felt rejuvenated from the massage. She said, “Now it makes sense that my guide was adamant that I get that massage! This is so much better than feeling crappy and going out and looking for an office.”