I had a dream where there were riots and gunmen in the streets of a city that I cannot place. There were blockades keeping residents from returning to their homes. A man who I’ve also never seen before, made  a decision in his mind to solve the problem and ran to his office and texted his friends, telling them it’s time. All of a sudden, the men and women he texted started growing mutations. The flew into the streets from their office windows and started healing the people involved in the riots. I woke up in the process of it.

Have you ever wished you were a superhero or actually felt like you might be? What usually comes after the thought is doubt, then quickly talking yourself out of it, thinking some version of, “I’m not special or that’s not real.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you are a badass superhero and this is real. You don’t have to have physical mutations to be a superhero. We all have invisible mutations that are our special gift to the world. You came here for a purpose. You may have forgotten, but you did. This purpose doesn’t have to be something that looks like flying around healing people and stopping riots, but energetically this is what we do when we contribute what we have to the people we affect, even if it’s one person. You don’t have to search for this superpower. Being a good listener can be a super power. What comes easily to you and helps people? That’s it!!! Value your special gifts and you help our world.

To be your best superhero self and profoundly contribute to your people it is important to take impeccable care of you and use your superpowers on yourself. The days of the martyr taking care of everyone else over themselves when completely exhausted are no longer working. If you have been operating like this you may be suffering with illness, depression, fatigue, grumpiness or fill in the blank. You may be so exhausted and on autopilot fight or flight mode that you can’t relax when it’s time to have some time to yourself. Your body might be holding on to excess weight due to stress eating or trying to become grounded or calm.

I’m going to share with you a simple, yet PROFOUND technique to help with this feeling of wired and tired. This will help in becoming a more grounded and calm superhero. There are many techniques for grounding and this is one of the best ways I know.  Wait for it…. go hug a tree. Try it before dismissing it as ineffective. If I can do it when the temperature outside is ten degrees, anyone can. I’ve done it for thirty seconds when it’s cold out. I’m not saying just wrap your arms around a tree. Trees are powerful creatures that can feel and hear us. Ask the tree and your spirit helpers to help you ground into your body. Ask it to help you value yourself, heal your body, heal your mind, fill in the blank here. As you have your arms wrapped around the tree, pay attention to your heart. This is the largest electromagnetic field in our bodies. Imagine wrapping your heart energy of emerald green all around you and the tree. Trees and our spirit helpers are just waiting for us to ask for help and be blessed by our love.