I had a client ask for a past life healing. When we need past life healing, we may feel like we need something, but can’t figure out what it is. We will wonder why negative physical and emotional patterns keep repeating themselves no matter what we’ve put into practice. We think something’s wrong because we can’t manifest or create the things we want to feel, do, have and be. We can actually find out what these past lives are and heal them, as everything is energy.

The Past Life Dream

The woman in my dream had a boyfriend who left his girlfriend to be with her. He told her that his relationship was over for a long time and that one of them needed to end it. The ex-girlfriend in the dream was stalking the woman. Every time she left the house, she saw the ex-girlfriend, who had a look of grief and despair on her face. She would tell the woman over and over that she was a man stealer, a home wrecker and that she had ruined her life by stealing her boyfriend.

Even though the woman knew that she wasn’t the cause of why their relationship was over and that she didn’t steal the ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend, she took this woman’s accusations in as she never wanted to hurt her. She felt awful and guilty about this woman’s suffering. She also didn’t want this ex-girlfriend stalking her at every turn. At the end of this dream I was shown a piece of paper that was on a table in the bathroom. The bathroom was unsanitary.

The Healing

When I was on the line with my client, she picked up the phone sobbing. Usually she was pretty chipper. She said that she’d had diarrhea for two days straight and felt awful. I asked her if she wanted me to send her Reiki and continue with the session and she said yes. This reminded me of a time I had experienced a urinary tract infection symptoms and the only thing that relieved it was a healing session where a woman was energetically attacking me in this life time from a past life that we had together.

As I started sending Reiki I told her about the dream and proceeded with the healing. This woman in the past life was in on of her energy fields wreaking havoc. I asked what the past life dream woman needed in order to be escorted out of my client’s energy field. She needed to release the emotions of grief and despair. Once that was clear there was healing to do for my client with the guilt and unworthiness she felt from participating in that past life with that ex-girlfriend.

One of the messages that came up was that she had brought that feeling of unworthiness into this lifetime to be healed. When we carry this from a past life, we will accept unacceptable situations in relationships and work, as it’s the driving underlying emotion recreating more of the same. We won’t be able to hold boundaries for our own well being. Our lives won’t really feel like our own and we’re never settled.

There’s so much more that we did to heal that past life, that is a blur right now. Bottom line, she feels better now. No more diarrhea.

I’m going to hug a tree now. That was intense!