Have you ever felt like you’re just surviving life? Have so many awful things happened to you that you feel you’ll never get out of the rut you’re in? Been there, done that. Many times, actually.

I had a dream where I was helping at an event and was given a credit card to order appetizers for everyone. I tried to use the card three times and it wouldn’t work. Going back to the woman who gave me the card, I asked for another one. I looked down to see the card she had given me was from 2017. Right now we are in 2019, so that seemed to stand out as outdated.

Then the leader of the group came up to me in a cute Santa costume and whispered in my ear that I need to dress up. She skipped on to the music spreading joy throughout the room.

Upon waking from that dream, I knew the details of the dream were too good to pass up, knowing there was something to clear energetically.

My dear friend, Dr. Colleen McCann, shared with me one day that she was checking her wealthy self. Using my pendulum, I asked if there was someone in my wealthy self and my father was in there. As long as I can remember, he’s been broke. I asked my spirit team if he could be taken out of my wealthy self with a blessing. After that I asked if anyone was in my wealthy self and nobody else was in there. Nope ?

When I asked what the woman in the Santa costume message was, it came quickly to me in images of my life building up to 2017, from the outdated credit card reference in the dream. That was the year I became so ill, I could barely work. My finances were at an all time low and I dragged my body around with me, having an attitude of lack as I was lacking in health, money and love. I was in a miserable marriage, that was sucking the life force out of me. Being with the wrong person will do that to a person. My favorite attire had been flannels and Ugg boots with a hoodie. I remember looking in the mirror, wondering what had happened to my spunky self, thinking I need to put some different clothes on. When you’re used to being sick and tired, you can get used to looking sick and tired. You can get used to suffering and even expect more to come that will make you suffer. It’s a drama loop. It was time for an update. I truly believe that Santa Claus costumed lady was my essence and who I was before the terrible things started so early in life. We all have them. I believe they are for a good reason. Having those under our belt helps us to empathize with those people who are in our lives going through similar experiences. They help us grow our soul and learn how to move into the people we are becoming by learning from them. They help us make different choices about how to live the rest of our lives. When we fall down and get back up, we show ourselves we are stronger than we think. We have a choice whether to step up to the plate or let life circumstances control the rest of our lives.

While I’m still recovering my body and mind from that low in my life, my spirit is telling me to dress the part of who I am now that I’m no longer suffering in health, career and love. I’ve been drawn to soft, feminine colors and textures, now that I’m not pushing myself to the bone, which is what brought the illnesses on in the first place. To talk to my cells and mind, telling them it’s ok to enjoy life now. Today is a new day.

One of my favorite books that helped all of the cells in my body restore to their natural brilliance, thus bringing my organs back to life, is called the Wahls Protocol, by Dr. Terri Wahl. She healed herself from MS. Her work has been proven to work with people suffering from any imbalance. What I love about it is that she’s a medical doctor who wasn’t able to heal with modern medicine. She had to research what would help her cells heal through nutrition and healthy life practices. As of today, I’m 90 days into the protocol and can’t believe the turnaround in my entire body system.

Another contributor to my recovery is asking spirit to send me the right healers. Since arriving in the Midwest, I’ve been searching high and low for an equivalent to Dr. Dave McCann in San Diego. He’s not your typical chiropractor. He put me back together so many times over the years. He was thorough to the point where I felt reset. What I had found so far were only chiropractors seem to get you in and out cookie cutter style. I wasn’t willing to settle for less than where my health was concerned. Through word of mouth, I finally found a muscle testing chiropractor here in MI who specializes in releasing trauma from the body. She’s was a nurse and healed from trauma in her own life using special techniques and now helps others do the same. One treatment with her and my fight or flight response is gone.  My body was telling my immune system to attack as I’d been in this fight or flight pattern for decades.

I feel we are all bringers of healing and joy to those who benefit from us being well and they need us to dance, play, love and live! Ain’t nobody got time for illness. There’s too much joy to be had. Let’s do this life thang!

I hope this helps 🙂