Sometimes our bodies give us symptoms that we just can’t ignore. They may start out small and then, if we don’t pay attention, they turn into big problems. Sometimes we try the usual remedies like going to the doctor, amping up our self care and nutrition. I’ll share more on the importance of nutrition in another blog. What if energy clearing can heal body ailments?

I’ve had so many clients tell me that their physical ailments started disappearing after their energy clearing session. There was a woman who didn’t tell me she had shoulder pain and had taken off work to see the chiropractor, with no relief. She had a session on the books with me and had never had energy clearing. She asked to see what shows up. There was some emotional and family healing needed. At the end of the session she said she didn’t tell me about her shoulder pain because she didn’t know it could be helped by what I do. She said the pain was gone! So cool.

I remember a time having symptoms of a bladder infection and didn’t want to get on antibiotics as my body hates them. It turned out that there was a woman who disliked me in my energy field sending anger at me, thus affecting my bladder. My energy must have been wide open. After clearing her out of my energy the symptoms went away!

Just today I was having pain in my eye. Then my ears started burning and my face and neck broke out in a rash. My friend Colleen, whom I work with quite closely on a regular basis, offered to check energetically. She found a part of me that was blocking her and some family healing that was needed. Afterwards, my eye was fine and the rash disappeared. We’ve decided we will be starting a podcast at some point because this stuff is too cool.