I had a dream for a client where a woman was resting on a massage table waiting for her practitioner to give her a Reiki session. With little success the practitioner was frantically going here and there closing windows, doors and asking people to whisper and stop coming through the space. It was like Grand Central Station. The noise and the people wouldn’t stop.

All the while, the woman on the table was waiting patiently for the practitioner to be ready.

My client is a Reiki healer. If you’ve ever provided a healing session for someone, you may know what it takes to make the environment ready for a peaceful session. You can only control the outer environment so much. I remember freaking out in my mind when a child was running around the outside of my office while a working on a client. The client was asleep and didn’t even notice.

Back to the dream: The woman on the table was representing my client and her inner child ready for a healing. All of the people in the dream were all of the people we needed to clear from my client’s adult energy field. When I told her this, she wept because she’s been going so long without clearing her energy field or meditating. Even if you aren’t providing healing for others, you can still collect people’s energy with whom you encounter each day and they need to be cleared out of your field or an accumulation can occur where you are so so sensitive that it’s torture to be around anyone.

The good news is that you are in charge of your energy field and can direct it to do what you want. One way you can clear the people in your energy field is to ask your energy and your spirit helpers to send everyone back to themselves with a blessing and have their highest spirit team bless them. Don’t forget those hard to bless people. They can be in your energy too. Then ask for your energy to come back to you cleansed. You might start breathing deeply again. Breathe in all of your cleansed energy.  You can also tell any darker energies that they can’t stay here and send them on their way.

After the clearing, the message for my client and for so many of us right now is to eliminate the noise that prevents us from having the inner connection we so desire from other people and circumstances. Take that nap. Get that healing session you’ve been putting off. For me, I will drop everything and put up my tent in the forest and plop down for an hour. My whole system is rejuvenated while basking in the powerfully rejuvenating vibrations of Mother Nature. If it’s cold, raining or windy, I will plop down on my bed or living room floor. Sometimes I’ll put ear plugs in and stop somewhere in my car. One of my friends sets a timer for every hour and a half. When the timer goes off, she stops whatever she’s doing and takes three deep breaths in silence for one minute.

We have the power to reset when we’ve been on the hamster wheel of doing. We can be peaceful no matter what when we eliminate all of the outside noise, even just for a little while. The world won’t end if we’re not always on. Whether we turn our phone off for a while or sit in silence, our inner child is patiently waiting for us to spend some time connecting and just being. I invite you to try this on. Please share how it goes.