Have you had a hard run of  challenges over the past several years? Enough to make you think life will always be something to overcome? Do you feel like there has been minimal relief only to have the next problem hit you in the face like a ton of bricks? If you say yes, please read on for relief. I have been there many times and recently so. If you have not had this experience in your life, keep on doing what you’re doing.

My dear friend Dr. Colleen McCann asks me to check for a resistant part of me or my clients when I know something is needed, but don’t have access to clearing it. You at an early age might be running the show. Is your four year old needing healing and hijacking the plane? How about your nine year old? Sometimes we can’t even have access to them because these hurt parts of us are unwilling to go there. Sometimes this part of us needs to heal something in order for us to be willing to look and then what needs attention comes to the surface to clear.

I believe many of the excruciatingly painful experiences we go through aren’t only for us to heal, but for the collective consciousness to rise to a higher level for the good of all. Personally, when I’m going through it, you might wonder where I’ve gone. I am one who retreats to go digging for what needs to heal. I contact my own healers for help when stuck. We need each other. I refuse to roll over and let my circumstances be less than what I hope and dream for. You might be a spiritual warrior like that too.

I apologize if you have ever felt like, based on my social media posts, that my life is so great that I’ve abandoned you. I would never do that. I love you and you are my people. I don’t think anyone has it all together, well… maybe the Buddha, although he went through his fare share of stuff too.

I used to force myself to write when I wasn’t ready to share my experience with you. I can no longer do that. I made a promise to myself that I only write when I reached a relief point. It’s just not worth my health to force things, nor is it the energy of feminine flow arising on the planet, so I honor my flow. I hope that you too will take the time needed to honor yourself when you are needing to heal.

The Dream:  I had a dream where there was a Samurai warrior having battle after battle thrown his way. He couldn’t catch a break in between conquering one battle to the next. When there was no one else to fight, he was left extremely exhausted and half on guard just in case something else is thrown his way. Have you ever felt like this?

Having moved across the country has brought many “battles” to my awareness to deal with, including ones with myself. It’s been hard, lonely and painful at times, but, kicking and screaming, I’ve cleared so much and revealed so many hidden gems underneath in order to move into my new life here in Michigan with a sense of peace and relief. Being a planetary healer comes with the will to heal what’s in the way to be able to provide the most to you. I’m grateful for each opportunity for healing that arises, even through the difficulty. I don’t know how long it will last before the next layer arises, but I’m coming up for air during this break in the grind of doing my deep inner work. I am grateful to have had so much lightness and joy this past week that I can finally share with you what helped me and my clients. The emotional maturity that has come out clearing resistance and from healing the younger parts of me has brought a peace inside my belly that is priceless.

This dream reminded me of the traditional Tarot card the Ten of Swords. It is an image of a man face down with swords in his back. My fairy Tarot is not so gruesome. I believe that with each of our challenges, we are invited to heal what is underneath the surface to make lasting outer change in our lives. This is what I and many of you have been doing. You might be asking, “When will I catch a break?” That’s not an easy question to answer, but I hear it a lot. I heard a man say the the Universe is against him. When I heard that, it made me wonder if he had a belief preventing him from receiving what he wants in life. Maybe he’s been resisting his new life coming in because he has an underlying belief or fear. Sure enough he had a fear of money. He also had a fear of being powerful. He had been carrying shame around some things he’d done in the past and didn’t feel he deserved to have a good life.  He also didn’t know that souls come in with certain challenges to move through in order to reach their full potential as a human on the planet.

Life doesn’t have to be a never ending challenge. The relief that comes in between the hard times makes the good times even sweeter. Without challenges, life would be monotone, boring and lifeless. I’m inviting you to be grateful for the good times and the hard.

In times of struggle, this is my go to song of choice: It’s been playing in my head as I write this to you:  Rachel Platten’s Fight Song. It’s such an inspirational song to help you tap into your inner strength.