The dream I had was after debating on whether to go to a meditation the next evening. It was going to be a full day having company over and later with dinner plans an hour away with friends, so it would be inconvenient to try to fit that in.

The dream was where I was in a room with the husband and wife of the meditation center I found. Cleansing and replenishing pink sea salt filled the floor. Then Avi, the female teacher came over and saw a bird I brought with me. It seemed to be a pelican. She said, “Oh my god! You brought a bird,” and opened its mouth and started pulling out fish one by one. She said, “Please, please let me have the bird and I will give you all of your dreams come true. I gave it to her even though I really wanted to keep it, because it would make her so happy.

When I awoke from that dream I thought that somehow I needed to make every effort to get to the meditation. I debated throughout the day, but felt in every part of my soul that this was a very important dream message. I know that group meditation is profoundly more powerful for me than meditating alone and that I always feel great after going. It feels like home to me. It’s one of a few things that light me up head to toe, body, mind and spirit as I move through the challenges of living in a foreign land, culture and vibration.

Before going to dinner, I decided to make it a priority to make it to that meditation. I knew I would regret not going. At dinner, I received a fortune cookie that I would be making many new friends. I’ve made so many already now and disregarded it.

When I arrived at the meditation studio, it was filled to the brim with people. The teacher walked into the room so surprised as usually her classes had around ten people. There were at least thirty people there. During the meditation, my body started vibrating, and I received an abundance of ideas and a sense of peace. One of the messages she shared with us was to intentionally release all that we do not want to bring into 2020. We will have transformation in all areas next year, which can be quite challenging, but always rewarding after we move through it. My heart opened up and tears flowed during one of the songs that we sang at the end. It was the perfect reset. I even made two new friends like that fortune cookie said lol. I felt a complete cleansing of my spirit, which felt like being drenched in a pink sea salt bath.

During the chanting my body started vibrating and while my eyes were closed, I felt and saw waves of different shimmery colors flowing in random form all around me. It was incredible to witness. This is the energy right now. There is a wave of abundance and we need to take at least one step into the direction we have been called to take. Ask spirit to help you release any resistance. Just do it. Not tomorrow. It could even be writing one thing down that you’d like to have, do or be in your life. Today! Please don’t miss the wave today or you will find yourself behind and chasing it all next year. Jump up right now and do something toward that goal or new habit you want to have.  It will pop you onto your surfboard with us and carry you into the flow.

The bird in the dream was me. I have to get myself to that meditation. We have to make some effort to reap the rewards we’ve been wanting for so long. The fish the teacher was pulling out was the investment I had to pay to take her class. Invest in yourself, your dreams!  Every single message of the pelican resonated with me: “This is an opportunity to forgive either yourself or someone else and release any built up guilt and resentment. It’s time to free yourself from whatever is weighing you down-whether possessions, emotions, or mental strife. Go ahead and take the plunge with respect to the opportunity that has recently presented itself. Focus on cooperating with others rather than competing, particularly concerning any projects you’re involved with right now.” This is from Spirit Animals by Dr. Steven Farmer. Fish also represent abundance and good fortune.

I hope that you take the reigns on your dreams this year so that they can come true! It will be a year to establish structures and foundations that will pay off if we heed the call of our soul.

Today, not tomorrow is the day to jump in.