A client having relationship troubles wanted help. She knows she’s a good person and her guy seemed to have lost interest in her. The dream I had a dream was where I saw a woman in a room filled with luxurious items. The walls were red velvet. The chairs were Victorian style with gold trim. She was holding a goblet made of Mediterranean sea salt and was taking much pleasure in drinking it’s contents. She said, “Enjoy your simple pleasures, darling.”

When I awoke, I wondered if my client had forgotten to enjoy her life. So often we judge our life as good or bad depending on what others are or aren’t doing. What if we savored what is good in our lives? What I know about men is that they are attracted to our passion for life. They don’t often get to express their emotions like a woman can. They see her as magical when she’s enjoying sensual pleasure, even from eating a piece of chocolate.

After we did the energy clearing, I asked her to do something that lights up her pleasure centers. She knew what she was going to do. She went home and made herself a big mug full of delectable golden milk and enjoyed it to the last drop feeling grateful for this rich yumminess. She said she felt so good just by doing that, that her mood was light. When her guy came in the room he was staring at her with curiosity. He asked her about her day and they had a wonderful conversation.