I had a dream that I was pushing a shopping cart filled with children who were missing body parts. I was finding their parts and bringing them back where they belong. In the Shamanic world, you can energetically remove parts of the body, repair them, dust them off and put them back where they belong. It sounds scary, but it’s just a representation of images for healing and moving energy on a cellular level. When these parts are missing, we have a hard time physically, mentally and spiritually connecting, therefore making it difficult to detaching from outcomes we’re striving for. Things in our outer life start to fall apart due to our off kilter energy. It makes it very difficult to live in the moment. When we bring these missing pieces back, it’s a reconnecting to ourselves that helps you get your sense of wholeness back on track.

The person receives a profound healing as a result and their inner and outer world changes for the better. The person becomes an upgraded version of themselves in terms of emotional maturity, thus improving their relationships. They become more connected to themselves like putting a puzzle together.

As a result of someone merging with themselves, body, mind and soul, they could also experience relationships or life circumstances dismantling, which can be quite scary if you don’t know what is happening. Humans never want anything to change. Change is frightening, especially if we didn’t call for it. We think relationships should be forever. I believe relationships should be forever, unless the people in them are not compatible, no longer have the same wishes for their lives, or someone is being mistreated. We also have people grow the most when relationships end. No matter how the pain comes, bottom line is that pain brings us a huge wake up call, whether it’s in our bodies, a financial hit, or a heartache.

Just this week alone, people have been freaking out about a financial dilemma, several relationships have ended, people’s bodies are giving them tremendous messages that something’s out of balance, and babies are wanting to be born well before their due date.

Having this dream makes so much sense to me because everyone I’ve been working with lately is dealing with pieces of their childhood that need attention. My mother even asked me if mental illness is on the rise. I feel we are all being shaken up to wake up. We may have gotten too comfortable going along, without paying attention to or avoiding our soul’s call for help. You can become still and ask yourself what wants your attention or what needs to heal? You may have a memory or a feeling. Listen to what it wants. Give it what it needs. Or you may not know how. That’s what your healers are for. I’m happy to help if you’d like to book a session.

Whatever you do, please, please, please heed the call that your soul is urging you for you to do or there will be more suffering than necessary. Doing something differently takes effort and newness can be scary, but it’s so worth it. Maybe you just need to rest, eat something different, move your body. I’m not trying to scare anyone. I just know what I know and am shaking in my boots moving into the unknown right along side you. We’re being pushed to connect to ourselves on a deep level. If we resist, we get louder messages. Take the next small step guided by your gut. We’ve got this.