With all that’s been going on in the world, you may have gotten a little nudge to go inward. I’m going to share my process and steps with you if you’ve been wanting to do this work of the Spiritual Warrior.

When I moved back to California in April, I knew I needed to go inward. It had been a little knowing, then it became louder and then hit me over the head kind of thing. While I knew that, I can honestly say, I wasn’t quite sure how. I knew that meditation is one way, journaling is another, however, what my soul was calling for was something even deeper than just connecting with spirt and myself. Connecting with the spirit world is very different than connecting with our deepest self.

I’ve also spoken with like-minded friends who have been observing the people in their lives who were not only afraid of stopping to reflect, but actually running from this going inward, which we’ve all been sort of called to do whether with the loss of friends, the loss of a job, our health, a place to live. The friends they saw actually doing this inner work are doing well, making the necessary changes in their lives that will upgrade them from the inside out, while those who are not, are really struggling.

Things want to change and humans resist change. Nature is always changing. Our cells are always dying and renewing. What about our inner world? It is scary, especially when we don’t know who we’ll be if we take a deep dive into the unknown.

One of the reasons why I did this during this time in my life is because I’ve noticed that I’ve been really good at bringing in romantic partners, but when I realize who the person is that I’ve attracted is not good for me and me for them, it’s very painful. The same patterns have shown up, meaning that these patterns are inside of me playing out old struggles that I’ve seen my parents go through. We had our lessons for each other on a karmic pattern and now I’m at a place where I feel called to change my internal patterning. Joey Klein, author of The Inner Matrix said, “When we transform our level of consciousness by shifting and changing out of our own destructive patterning, our relationships automatically transform.”

I landed in a remote place on top of a hill with no car. Talk about being forced to be with yourself. I started connecting with the parts of me that had huge emotions around relationships that had ended. I’ve looked at the beliefs about me, thoughts, and behaviors ingrained in my inner world that were ruling my outer world. This going inward required me to take an inventory of things I didn’t want to look at, but I did it anyway. I sat with the discomfort and sat with all of the emotions that wanted to be released.

I spoke these behaviors out loud with a loved one. I held myself and cried a lot. I sat with the fire of anger and the deep hurt from a lifetime of lessons that helped me be able to have the kind of compassion with people that those who I contribute to need with the kind of compassion from having been through deep heartache and disappointment in love. It all started with holding deep compassion for myself. May we all embark on this soul healing journey so that we can love ourselves and all beings while we do our part to make this peace on earth. It’s hard to believe this took place in only two months. Morning and evening. Not all day, all night. You’re worth the time and energy spent on you.

Now when I wake up, I jump out of bed ready for the day with a clear, open heart. Do what your soul is calling you to do and your future will thank you.

Steps for Going Inward

  1. Sit with you and breathe deeply each morning and evening, phone turned off or on silent.
  2. Get pen and paper and write, “What I feel right now is…”
  3. Allow yourself to feel it with a timer set for 90 seconds removing the story.
  4. Write beliefs you have about yourself, good or not so good.
  5. Allow the not so good beliefs to dissolve. Ask your higher self to help you.
  6. Hold compassion for yourself with however this goes. Bring in the light from your spirit helpers.

If you need help, I’m here.


I hope this helps,