Sometimes we have no idea whose energetic stuff we carry for our loved ones. My client had a dream she was at her grandmother’s house and her grandmother was scared. She was afraid when she heard a man’s voice in the house. Her grandma lives alone. She had the idea she might sage the house to help, but her grandma wouldn’t let her. When we were talking I felt the energy of energetic debris of lower energies needing to be cleared.

Then she saw all of her cousins and her children in the house. They were all quiet not telling her why they were there. She found out they were all going to dinner and she wasn’t invited. She was hurt and mad in the dream that she was the only one not invited. Even her friends were invited. Next were emotions needing to be cleared.

To clear her grandma’s home of entities and foreign energies lingering in the house, I called upon my clearing team. You can call upon yours if you sense your home has some stagnant energy or maybe you feel off. There were also emotions she was carrying of her grandma’s that needed to be cleared. After that, we needed to return the energy from her grandma and her house back to themselves. I felt the energy lighter, but something still needed to be addressed. I want my people feeling good and energetically squeaky clean.

The second part of the dream called for emotional healing. The emotions to work with were crying, discouragement, rejection, sadness, and instinct unacknowledged. If you are trying to release emotions, there are several ways you can do this. One is to sit with the emotion without adding fuel to the fire by removing the circumstance that brought the emotion. Set a timer and just be with the emotion and watch it dissipate. Joey Klein, author of the Inner Matrix, had talked about the part of the brain that feels emotions. It was discovered that a pure emotion, meaning without the memory only lasts for ninety seconds. I’ve been experimenting with this and it’s actually very helpful.

Another way to release an emotion is to ask your higher self, your guides and spirit team to help release it. Taking a deep breath helps too. Then we put the energy of positive emotions of knowing, supported, appreciation, flexibility, faith, security, amusement and pleasure in their place. I no longer felt the energetic garbage, she thanked me and went to start her day.