A woman I am working with had pulled a card and needed help understanding what it was about. The card was from a Tosha Silver card deck. It said, “It’s not about finding love. You are love itself. Help me to send so much compassion and caring to the inner Child that I always remember, I myself am love.”

I asked for a dream to clarify what she needed to know. In the dream there were children everywhere playing. There was a girl who was not playing, but writing ideas all over her notebook. She seemed to be in a creative flow and just had to get it all out of her mind until complete. She was so passionate about what she was doing, she didn’t want to stop. This is creativity at it’s best. When she was finished, she wanted to get her messages out to the world right then, but a part of her really wanted to play with her friends. She looked at me and said, “Mommy said it’s ok to let my hair down.” She got up, took her ponytail out and went to play.”

When I awoke, I could tell that this little girl had no problem working hard. The problem comes, though, when we work so hard, we forget to live life and enjoy things that we like to do, just for the sake of having fun. Taking time out to slow down and enjoy ourselves nurtures the inner child. It helps the child to trust that we won’t work her to death.

Sometimes when we overwork, it can come from a place of having to prove our worth to others through producing or always doing something to not appear “lazy.” This comes from a wound of not feeling like we’re enough. It’s a lesson many humans came here to learn.

When one parent or both don’t show the child love the way they needed it, the child is always searching for love. This can also show up as needing outer approval. It becomes a black hole that is never filled. This is when we don’t let up on ourselves. We keep going past our limits.

The inner child in this dream was modeling a healthy version of how to treat herself. We did a healing for the part of her that felt she had to prove to her father that she was worthy of his love. He only gave her praise when she accomplished something. We don’t need to blame the parent for this, as this was probably passed down to him and he was unaware. All children need love and approval from their parents. When it is withheld, due to the unhealthiness of the parent, the child may grow into a workaholic or over giver coming from a place of having to seek and work for love, approval or attention.

Do you ever feel you push yourself too hard? What if you took a break to refuel before pushing past the brink of exhaustion? Our bodies and minds need a break. The adrenal glands suffer when we push too hard. Our to do lists and the people we support are never ending. What about supporting your inner little one? It’s ok to take time and space just for you. Your inner child will thank you.

My client said, “This is exactly what I needed to hear. I’m done being a slave driver of myself. I’m declaring today a day for fun to do whatever the f*#* I want!”