A woman I was working with was struggling with anxiety and depression. This has shown up a lot lately. These are perfectly normal emotions to have during stressful times. Some people are so sensitive that they have to deal with these emotions on a daily basis.

In the dream a woman who was slumped over, was in a meditation class. She was hoping to feel relief and thought the class would help. Being in school or a class can represent higher consciousness learning in dreams. She was observing large Apophyllite crystals and wondering if she should hold one during her healing work. This particular type of crystal brings angelic energy into the room and fills your being with love and support. It is also calming which is perfect for people experiencing anxiety.

There was a raffle for a prize and, when the woman heard her name called, she bounced up and down like a happy child jumping on a bed. She went up to the teacher to collect her prize. The teacher leaned over to whisper in her ear. He said, “You have such a great exuberance. Focus on that. Find good music and dance. Then all will be fine.

During the session, I told my client the dream. She completely resonated with it. She said sometimes she feels like she has two personalities inside. We all do. We get to choose which one to indulge in. We did energy work and she was feeling much better. She was looking forward to finding music to dance to and wanted to grab her Apophyllite crystal to hold during meditation.