I have a client who has been searching for her romantic partner. She’s been having such a hard time because she meets someone, is interested, and they leave. She met a man who was making her feel unsafe in her body, so she actually left. She met a man who was anxious around her and he pulled away quickly. She met another man who said he was ready for a relationship, acted like her boyfriend texting and calling in the evening, and then suggested they take a break.

I had the feeling that an old belief was running in her subconscious energy causing this pattern in her love life. When we have outdated beliefs running in the background, it’s as if our feelers are attracting someone who has tendencies to help us play out that belief, whether good or not so good.

The belief that was funning in the background was, “I don’t trust myself to create a loving relationship.” With this belief, she will energetically be drawn to unavailable men or she may show up with potential partners as untrusting of them, which can be felt. Men have spidey senses that pick up on our mistrust. Imagine being with someone who doesn’t trust you. You might not want to stay either. Trust is huge in relationships.

We released the belief by asking her spirit team to help remove it from her subconscious mind, cells and all of her timelines, meaning past present and future. There were quite a few trapped emotions to remove as well that went back to her early teenage years when her first boyfriend cheated on her. As young people, we can make conclusions about all kinds of things based on painful experiences. If we run the story over and over again, we perpetuate a life pattern of the same. We have the power to undo this.

If you sense you have done this, it may be time to do some clearing of energy. Run some energy to heal this like Reiki or other modalities that you love. Then bring in a new belief. If we focus on something long enough with intensity of emotion, our brain starts to tell our body it is the truth. Her new belief is, “I trust myself to create a loving relationship.” In just one week, she now has three wonderful men sticking around and now has a new problem of deciding which one she will keep. Decisions, decisions…