You have an physical ailment and think I need to fix this with a physical remedy. This is not always the case. What if there is a deeper healing causing the ailment to get your attention? Our bodies are such amazing messengers of what needs healing.

I had a client who was feeling off and needing clearing. It turns out she needed more than clearing. She needed healing. She’d been waking up with blurry vision and felt super tired. She was also freezing no matter how many layers she had on and no matter how many hot baths she took. Her third eye was also calling my attention as I started the clearing. The third eye can hold fear and block how we see the world, especially in the area of our love life.

When I looked deeper into what her third eye was needing, I heard a sentence in my head over and over until I acknowledged it. It was, “I’m not wanted.” I asked if this resonated with her and she said she had felt that way since she was a little girl. Her dad had always threatened to leave their mom when she was young, causing her to have a fear of abandonment in her relationships. She felt that way during her thirty-year marriage and said it was pure hell. When this runs in the background, we can perpetuate the feeling of it and have the experience of being tortured internally. That marriage ended with him leaving in the end. We won’t even know what happened and can be left devastated.  We subconsciously attract someone who will help us play out our faulty beliefs. What if we don’t have to? What if we can heal and change our outer reality?

With this constant fear of abandonment, she will also be unable to attract a partner who will stay in the future. She wants a partner who will be there and be stable in the relationship with her. If you suspect there’s something physical trying to give you a message of what needs healing, and have an inkling that it’s something deeper, just get quiet and ask what it needs. After all was said and done, we healed what was causing the belief in the first place and the underlying healed the emotion underneath that belief and she said, “Wow! My eyes feel so much better and I feel lighter.” I love this work.