My client knew she needed a clearing session. She shared a dream with me that she had after taking a holiday trip out of state. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and, all of a sudden felt her whole energy drop.

You can have the best of times and gather other people’s everything without even knowing it. Clearing your energy is necessary if you tend to be a collector of these energies. It can even happen when you enter a grocery store. You’re feeling pretty good before entering the store and when you get into your car, you’re ready for a nap.

In my client’s dream, she was in a hotel and people were all over the place. They were drugged or asleep, lying all over the floor and surfaces. They even kicked her out of their rooms in her own hotel! She said she felt tired and drained for days after.

When we spend time out of our environment with other people, it’s likely we will pick up some foreign energies. If we are run down, we may pick up these buggers even when we’re in our own home. People bring all sorts of energies to the party when we gather. Our dreams can clue us in about when and what we need to clear in our energy field.

People sleeping in dreams can reveal that there are foreign energies in our field. When people are sleeping in our space in our dreams, it can signify unwanted energies occupying our home and chakras as well. One of the energies in my client’s field was trying to completely occupy one of her chakras. It can feel awful if we aren’t occupying our own energy centers. If this happens, we can enlist the help of our angels and spirit helpers to send them on their way back to themselves.

Another thing that she had in her field was the hotel. It was the energy of the hotel that we cleared and a whole bunch of energies from that space that didn’t belong with her.

People always ask how they collect these energies in their field. Sometimes it happens when someone is run down or tired. Sometimes our energy is so bright, other energies want to be in in it.  It’s a good practice to have to check in with your energy when you wake up each day or at the end of the day while traveling. Spirit is powerful in helping us return these energies back from where they came. Enjoy your holidays.