I had a dream for a client who felt out of sorts for quite some time. She’d been having a hard time sleeping and felt weighted down no matter what she ate or did. She was fighting with her love and he’d been quite distant and argumentative. There was a surprise entity we worked with that was causing problems.

The dream I had was where she was with his family in a big house. They went to the beach and all of a sudden, a brunette woman was next to him grabbing his hand and he was rubbing her shoulder. I was shocked at this it seemed completely out of character for her husband. She went over to him and put her arm around him and still he had the brunette’s hand in his. When my client asked him later what in the world he was doing, he said he couldn’t do anything about it. He tried to shake free from her, but it wasn’t working.

Later he entered the room completely drugged and was acting wired. She grabbed his hands and tried to calm him down. I woke up at that point. I was hesitant to tell her about the other woman with her husband as it didn’t seem to be reality for them.

When I told my client the dream, she was also confused about the other woman. I asked three times if that part was for her or for another client. I kept getting strong confirmation it was for her. So I asked if it was a human woman and got a no. We both said, “Ohhhhhh! That makes sense now!” She said her husband had been in the hospital and trying to get off of a certain medication. This had his temper fly and he’d not been himself ever since. That also explained the being drugged part of the dream.

When we are in the hospital and on strong medications, mainly unconscious, we can collect certain lower energies in our field. These energies live off of our life force and this one was a female energy. She was draining his energy. She did not want to leave, so I called in the big gun spirit helpers to detach her from him. Then we worked to detach my client’s energies from her husband’s as shed been carrying his in her field. She felt a lot better when we were complete.