Last year and this year presented couples with new challenges due to changes in our world. This can bring fatigue and short tempers, which leads to arguments and hurt feelings in relationships. Thank goodness there is a way to help clean these things up energetically that provides couples with relief.
I had a dream for a client where she was in her home with her family. She was telling her husband that she needed to go outside because there were too many spirits in her house. He was telling her not to go outside because there were spirits outside. They were both frustrated with the other not hearing the importance of their message. This happens all of the time in relationships when people are complete opposites.

During her session she wanted to work with frustration with her mom. We did address this and when I mentioned the dream, she told me a while back she had a blowout with her husband and felt it was not quite complete. That fight had thrown her into a negative space with him. This can be the dynamic in relationships and we can clean up the aftermath. My client had mentioned that she and her husband generally do things very differently and don’t communicate well with each other. That was exactly what the dream was showing me. This can be extremely painful and frustrating for both parties in the marriage. They are both good people doing their best and it’s important to address upsets when they arise. I’ve been there and know how that feels.
One thing that helped her was to clean up that last bit between them energetically. There were some daggers to be removed, hurt and what I call heebie jeebies, (entities and foreign energies) that needed to be cleared in her energy field. Those were signified in the dream with the spirits. She also needed to go in nature, hence, outside of the home. They were actually both right in that the energies that didn’t belong between the two of them were inside of their energies. She felt so much lighter after that.
Once we were complete we ran some energy to help her heal from that blowout. I love being able to help in this way because I’ve experienced so much hurt in relationships and have had great success with resetting from energy clearing and emotional healing. Resetting in this way helps people be able to come back to themselves and their partner in a new way.