I had a couple of dreams two nights in a row that had one of my college buddies in it. She is from Iraq. You’ll see in a moment why my friend’s nationality matters here. We live in a home that already has frequent spirit visits. I was needing to clear the energy of my fiancé much more than usual last week. In the dream all of my college friend’s relatives were sleeping in beds all around the most extravagant mansion. In the dream I was getting ready for work and these relatives of hers were taking up quite a bit of bathroom time. Whenever we dream of people we don’t know and also dream of them in beds, there can be foreign entities or souls to clear in your own home.

Dreaming of bathrooms can mean there’s some cleansing of someone’s energy to do. When I told my fiancé the dream he asked how I knew that the energies were from Iraq. I told him that when we dream of a person of a certain nationality, it is a clue to us where the energies are from. He had recently brought a currency into our home from Iraq and I didn’t know what country it was from. I said, “OHHHHHHH!” That’s where this is from!!! Mystery solved as to why he needed to be cleared more than usual. Objects brought into the home can carry energies from the previous users. When I went to clear the energy of the currency I saw a cord from him to that money, so not only did we clear the money of entities, cleanse my fiance’s energy, we also uncorded him from the money. Phew! Mystery solved thanks to the dream!