Can Heartache Cause Extreme Physical Problems?

I had a client interested in distance Reiki who was in a panicked state due to her inability to eat solid foods for over two months. Leading up to this, she had trouble with heartburn and stomach troubles. She had recently lost her father and the father to her son. While we know that stress is a huge factor in physical wellness, emotional stress can be detrimental to our body systems. This woman has not only the heartache of losing her father, she also has the grief of losing her partner. To add to it, she became a single parent overnight. Her doctors ran several tests, all of which came back negative and they sent her away. She was appalled that they sent her home with no solution and their lack of concern for her not being able to eat. Her body was trying to tell her that something needed to be addressed. Having unresolved heartache can make us more susceptible to having illnesses.

During her session, I felt many releases of guilt and other stuck energies. I also felt the presence of a man. I wondered if it was her deceased partner or if it was her father. I received a very clear message that she needed to take some time for herself and just be, even if only for an hour. I also received a message for her to write her father and partner a letter saying everything she wishes she could have said before she lost them. This is one of the tools that came through during last year’s program I co-facilitated called Heal Your Heart in 7 Days. I also saw some foods she could try to eat.

When I delivered the messages to my client, she said she’s been going all her life to take care of everyone and herself. She never lets herself rest and this was the perfect thing she needed to hear. She said she had so much guilt as she didn’t make it in time to her father’s passing and was beating herself up, as was a sibling. She also felt there was so much unsaid between she and the father of her child. She wholeheartedly agreed to write the letters. She saw her father’s beard while she was receiving Reiki and couldn’t believe it. She felt her father helping her heal.

Since then, my client messaged me again to let me know that she’s able to eat the foods I suggested and that she feels a strong presence from both of her deceased loved ones. She said, “The Reiki was amazing! After pouring my heart out to my dad and the father of my son, I had a strong urge to get the tests done again. Shortly after, like two hours, I received a message from my primary doctor saying the culture was positive for a rare bacteria that causes inflammation. Amazing!”

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