I had a dream where I was observing a lady cleaning up at a party. She received cash when she was done. As she was being handed the cash, I wondered if I should ask for a job cleaning there so I could make money. Then a man came up to me and said, “Hi Sandy.” I said, “Sandy is my mother.” He said, “No it’s you.” When I awoke I knew immediately that this had to do with breaking a generational curse with doing back breaking work to make money. I know this is in my lineage and saw my mother go through so much illness as a result of having a job she didn’t love.

One thing I know is that prosperity is your birthright. We are here to help humanity with our gifts. We are not meant to suffer in career, health or even love. If you have had a similar pattern in your lineage, we have a very special opening on 8-8, the Lion’s gate portal to heal old systems in our family line. You can break the cycle for your ancestors and for future generations. Here’s how.

  1. Sit quietly where you will be uninterrupted
  2. Go into your heart and call in your ancestors
  3. Let them know the pattern stops with you
  4. Ask them to help lift the binding
  5. Pray for a sincere blessing for all of humanity

These are the kind of tools I teach in Heal Your Heart in 7 Days. If you would like help healing and moving into your best self in love, my friend Nina Mercie and I are offering our second Annual Heal Your Heart in 7 Days online program that starts August 8. We would love to have you. Click here for details.

Here’s to moving the old and welcoming the new,

Magical Blessings,