I had a dream for a client who has been having set back after setback in her business. She had lost confidence and motivation. The old way of producing isn’t working for her. She had been very successful up until she became sick a couple of months ago and is still recovering. Her stomach was bothering her with no relief for months. All of the prospects that came into her business fell through. She literally said, “Nobody wants to talk to me.” Intuitively we can see that her body was in need of extra rest and if you are an entrepreneur, you may know that your health is keenly linked to your business flow. If you find yourself running yourself ragged, there may be a need to pause and pay attention to your body and inner world.

With cold symptoms there can also be an emotional component to address. This reminded me to tell her of the dream I had for her, which was where there were three young girls in a friendship. One of the girls was upset at the one that was my client and was gossiping to the other girl about it. My client overheard them and approached the girl. She said, “Why don’t you just come talk to ME if you have a problem with me?”

When I awoke, I could feel the emotional pain that comes with having betrayal and upset around close friends. It sets off our sense of acceptance, safety and belonging that is necessary when we are running a business. My client’s professional life was being affected by an emotional wound that needed attention. It is draining to have this running in the background. I asked her if she could recall girls talking behind her back in her childhood. She said that was absolutely the case. She has even felt this in her family as of late.

With this old program running in the background, it can wreak havoc in many of the areas of our lives. We can also carry subconscious beliefs that we made up about the instances when we were hurt in the past. This belief showing up was, “People I love exclude me.” This showed up in her marriage and current friendships and now in her business. As I sent her Reiki to help her accelerate her healing, I asked if we could release this belief and the energy of being excluded. We filled that empty space with Reiki and the emotion of feeling included. If you have had this show up for you and would like to clear this, simply ask your spirit team for help.

I am happy we were able to clear this. Shortly after her session, my client was reminded that she had been invited to a new business opportunity that she is excited about. Hooray for dreams and energy clearing.

Keep dreaming,