I had a dream where there were a whole bunch of people on stage. One man was  looking around not understand where he was and why everyone was on stage.  He was about to leave. Just then, some people busted out in a tune and they were each singing their part and all of the voices together made a beautiful harmony.

The man was thinking, “I don’t know this song. You guys are crazy. I’m getting out of here.” Again he attempts to leave the stage, but then everybody stops singing. And then others would start up again and he started singing some of their words in unison with them. As he did this, he felt less irritated and more uplifted than he had in a long time.

Lester Livingston was there and it was known that all of these people knew about him and they were practicing his work. I had heard about him back in the day. I remember listening to one of his recordings and he had talked about the importance of how to start your day.

People are waking up in droves. You’ve probably been on your path for much longer than most, and your vibration is important, not only for your own happiness, but for the collective. You may have heard people talk about getting into a positive mindset. There’s more to it than just thinking positive thoughts. When you wake up and look at the challenges you’re facing or what’s going on in the world, you might think, “Oh no. How the heck am I going to get through this? How are we going to get through this?” You may call your friends and you tell them about the terrible things that are showing up or about what’s going on in the world that there is to be upset about.

While it’s important to acknowledge where you are and be informed, the law of sound, which is what we say, what we speak about, we bring about. With others, this vibration multiplies out into the atmosphere as sound energy. This law has our entire vibrational system bring to us that which we speak about.

Take notice of what you’ve been speaking about in your life. What are the majority of things that come out of your mouth? Were you singing a great tune and when you arrived at work or talked with someone, they told you about the terrible happenings? Are you absorbing their fear or other feelings about these things? Notice how you feel  before and after engaging in these conversations.

For your own words, if they’re mostly things that you appreciate or see as possibilities, we will bring more of that. If they’re not, and more negativity is showing up in your space, it might be time to change it. Maybe instead of talking about the terrible things that are happening, or joining in when it is present with people, you can affirm, “Things are always working out for the greatest good of all.” Or you can say, “I am praying that it all turns out for the best and am doing my part to stay healthy and keep my hopes up for us all. We have what it takes to make it through.” If it’s about your love life, think about what you want. Affirm, “Spirit has my back and it’s on the way as I learn how to be the best me.” Ask your spirit team to change you into someone who knows how to receive that. This is a great way to change your mindset and sing your part in unision with the love vibration out there that is trying to shift on the planet.

I hope this helps. If you’ve already been in the habit of doing this, please share your favorite ones with me. We each get a fresh restart every single day. We’re in this together. Baby steps…