One of my clients has been having recurring dreams about running from the bad guys and little creepy crawlies attacking her body. Her legs had been bothering her when they had been feeling well for a long time. She felt defeated that she was having this come up again in her body as it was slowing her down from what she is up to. If you’ve ever had one of these dreams of running from the bad guys, you know the heart racing that comes along with it when you awake. You’re freaked out and, in this case, she was panicked by the addition of the creepy crawlies.

We just moved into Mercury Retrograde. One of the most frustrating things about Mercury Retrograde is that if we had just found a place of momentum, now we have to slow down or things seems to fail or plans are delayed. Add body ailments, and we are down for the count. We expect things to continue as usual if we’re not used to the cycles. It’s like we only have half of the puzzle complete, but we are missing so many pieces.

If you or your plans are not affected by this time on our planet, keep on keeping on. You may have been disciplined enough to make time for your inner work along the way. If, however, you have been pushing and going pedal to the metal for most of the year, this time can be a welcome pause and break. Our bodies tell us so as well, if we have the mindset that things should always be moving in equal forward momentum at all times. Just like a battery in a car, our bodies and minds need charging. Coffee and sugar won’t do it and tend to make things worse.

We have cycles and seasons. If we try to produce grand results during a time when all things are dying and during Mercury Retrograde, we can become easily frustrated and spin into despair. The other thing that happens during this time is that, just like the earth spinning on it’s axis, our brain is spinning. It can be harder to focus, to ground, harder to speak a thought clearly and communicate effectively. Mistakes are easier to make. Miscommunications and arguments are likely to happen. If we’re not aware of this need to slow down and be more deliberate, tempers may fly.

For example, a man went to his regular coffee cart for a hot coffee. He had to wait longer in line than usual while the barista tended to the machine acting up. He huffed off and walked into another coffee shop. He was the only customer and expected everything to be fast. It was the barista’s first day. She poured his coffee and asked if he would like room for cream. He asked her what kind of creamers they had. She listed the alternative milks and creamers and he became frustrated that they didn’t have regular milk at this shop. He settled, in a huff, for coconut creamer. As she was pouring the creamer he huffed about the fact that she hadn’t yet added any sugar. As she looked for the regular sugar, he grabbed the coffee and asked to just pay. The barista didn’t engage in the rude behavior, nor did she take it and feel badly. She knew it was his expectation for her to be quick and she was trying her best to give him what he wanted. She also knew it was Mercury Retrograde and didn’t take it personally. This is just one example of what it can feel like if we expect things to go as usual during this time. We want things to go smoothly like usual.

I met a woman who said she didn’t believe in Mercury Retrograde. Later that week all of her plans fell through and she was devastated. When you know about it, these seemingly out of the blue mishaps can be less upsetting. You can go with the cycle of it instead of swimming upstream.

The best thing to do during this time is to pay attention to your inner world and clean from the inside out. If we don’t have a regular self clearing practice, the feelings, old beliefs and pain won’t disappear because we’ve been busy. They go deep within and are stuck in the tiny fibers in our bodies. Past wounds don’t reveal themselves all at once either. In the case of my client, she was running from her own inner demons that were trying to get her attention to heal. This woman is even on a regular self cleaning regime and the stuff comes up when we are ready to release it. This is why I now have two small group energy clearing and meditation programs as more and more people are realizing that their outer world can’t grow with the stagnant inner muck in the way. With my client, the creepy crawlies, from a shamanic standpoint, are old foreign energies needing to be released from her system. Reiki brings these energies to the surface to be moved into the light, so we ran Reiki for her while addressing the old stagnant energies that were haunting her from her past.

When you feel you have been put on hold, it is best to do what you can to get your unfinished business in order. Decluttering is one of my favorite things to do as I tend to accumulate emails and papers. It feels good to get rid of things that aren’t necessary. We can also re-evaluate how we’ve been living, what we’ve been spending our time and energy on and how much money is going where.

We can check in with our inner world when things go wrong or we feel off. Nobody said it’s fun to slow down, but the people who have spent this time focusing inward, seem to have less frustration, more peace and more ease than those who don’t.

Here are three things you can do if the Universe has you on hold:

  1. Tell yourself it won’t last forever, expect the unexpected, (try to laugh) and amp up your physical and emotional self-care. Book your healing session. This is my busiest time of year. I’m happy to help.
  2. Ask yourself if there is something you’ve been wanting to do and do it.
  3. Reflect on how much you have done, what is no longer fueling you, what has gone right and how you would like to operate according to what does fuel you.

I am opening the doors to a new Inner Clearing & Meditation group on zoom at this time. Participants will receive Reiki, an energy clearing and questions answered during the Tarot portion of the call. It will be the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm Pacific time. This group is limited to eight souls who are ready to clear the muck and go inward with me once a month to change from the inside out. Please contact me for more details and how to save your place.

Keep dreaming,