Have you been having trouble with your mind swirling with old memories and pain of the past? Are you ruminating on what was or could have been or what to do next? There are so many unknowns right now and all of this can have our sleep be disturbed. This anxiety has been on overdrive in our world right now and has been affecting sensitive souls who aren’t even watching the news. My healer friends feel the flood of fear in the atmosphere even thought they are mindful to not be absorbed in the collective chaos. It is very palpable and we can feel it. We are collectively processing and reflecting to be able to discern what we want to take with us in terms of habits, people and relationships.

When our sleep is disturbed, we have less capacity to function as our usual selves. We drag ourselves around trying to force the energy to get through even the most basic task. This fatigue also affects our relationships. If we have no energy to even talk on the phone with our loved ones. This is a time of going inward for sure. We are being called to slow down and allow our soul to catch up with us. Journaling is helpful for processing and releasing emotions. It also helps with making pros and cons lists for sorting out which people and habits to release.

I had a dream where I saw a bunch of children having trouble sleeping. They were sluggish and grumpy. They were given a special syrup for their pancakes. I saw an old fashioned grocery add that had circled the picture of the hops herb, in red marker. Then it zoomed in on the word hops. That was the special ingredient in the syrup. The children were able to sleep soundly that night.

When I awoke from this very clear dream, I looked up the benefits of hops as I have never used this herb and had only heard that it is an ingredient in making beer. What I found was a study on happiness that showed that people who took hops before bed were able to fall asleep faster, reduce anxiety, help have relief with hot flashes and depression. The people in the study were able to get two additional hours of sleep with a fifty percent less occurrence of waking up during the night. Another article said that hops helps with anti-cancer effects.

When I looked up how people can ingest this herb, it was recommended to have the supplements over a tea as hops flavor is extremely bitter. I decided to give it a try as I too have been feeling the energies in the middle of the night. I was easily able to fall asleep slept seven hours straight for the first time in a while. It is worth giving it a try if you are having sleep disturbances.

I hope this helps,

Sweet dreams,