I had a client who was having pain under her right eye. She would feel better if she was distracted, but when she was alone with herself, it would get her attention. When I asked if there was something we could do energetically, there was a resounding yes.

The first thing that showed up was a contract with her ex. She immediately began crying at the mention of this because she had been trying to get him off her mind for months to no avail. The vow was stuck in place and would not budge. It was attached to a past life where the two of them were in a church in what seemed to be an assembly line of couples getting married in a hurried fashion. The bride in that past life was so tense about this rush that she almost passed out. It didn’t feel right. She had always wanted to be married and was having regrets about marrying that man.

I had a talking to with her inner child who didn’t want to let go. I told her she didn’t have to hold on to this guy who offered her mere scraps of love because she deserves to have a healthy love moving forward and that healthy love doesn’t rush a lady. I told her there are healthy men out there who would cherish her feelings if she would let go of this one. She agreed to let him go and the vow broke when we tried once again.

The next thing that showed up to clear was an energy release from him. We did a breath of fire release practice and then released swords from her body. Swords can be inserted energetically into a person when they experienced shock from something that someone did. I also saw a metal spiked collar around her neck, only the spikes were turned inward. Those spikes were put in place each time she didn’t speak up for herself in front of his children. They weakened her thyroid. She