I had a dream for a client who was having problems with her elbows. When someone has allergies, in Reiki, we pay attention to the elbows. She had eliminated many foods and was trying everything to feel better. There was another person talking about her elbows tingling when she received Reiki this week. I see a theme here so I thought it worth a mention for you if you’ve had any allergies that aren’t getting better no matter what you have done.

In the dream, I heard a cat crying for help. I ran to the direction of the cries and saw a white cat curled up in the bathroom sink. Then I looked on the floor because out of the corner of my eye I saw a small, slender worm. I said to myself, “Oh, the cat has worms and needs help.”

When I awoke, I immediately sent my own cat distance Reiki and did an energy clearing on him. The question arose in my mind, however, why was the cat in the dream white? My cat is greyish. During the session with my client, I mentioned the elbows as a possible allergy. We pendulum tested all of the foods she was eating and nothing showed up as a culprit for her. Then I heard that it was an allergy to something in her environment. In that moment, I immediately remembered the cat dream and told it to her. She had taken in a white cat a while back and that cat had recently gained weight. When a cat has worms, gaining weight is one of the signs if you don’t see the worms on the outside.

I asked if the cat needed Reiki and had worms and the answer was yes. They both received Reiki and she will check with the vet to see about the worms. This is always fascinating to me.