Meet Corinn


Meet Corinn


A native of San Diego, California, I lovingly and joyously help people clear their energy, clear family lineage curses, connect with deceased loved ones, heal trauma, illness, depression, anxiety, and remove energy blocks to love and life through Shamanic healing energy clearings, and intuitive readings and courses. With an MA in Curriculum and Instruction, and being a Medium and Reiki Master, I have created curriculum for online classes and events.

Shamanic Healing

  • Removal of cords
  • Soul retrieval
  • Breaking generational curses
  • Heart healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Remove blocks
  • Breaking curses
  • Extraction of impants 
  • Removal of demons
  • Clearing karma
  • Cleansing energies stuck in the body
  • Tap into your energetic power

I live in Hawaii where I provide intuitive phone readings, teach meditation, energy clearing and Reiki and online courses with love and light. It is my wish that everyone learn how to take charge of their energy to feel good  and live life by listening to nudges from their soul.

Check out today’s dream to see what you can use for your own healing from dreams Corinn has had for her own healing and for others.