My powerful events and courses designed to bring you information, tools to live a joy-filled life and a state of well being, all with a sprinkling of magic.

Corinn has been there for me when I needed deep healing on my legs.  I have had a complicated nerve disorder called chronic regional pain syndrome for 10 years. Her distant Reiki sessions have been truly sent from heaven! No prescriptions or herbal painkillers have...

The Magic of Dream Healing Online Course

Use your dreams as clues to what needs healing by following the process I have outlined in this course. The more dream healing you do, the more happiness, light, vitality, freedom and prosperity will magically appear in your life.

Reiki Classes

Contact Corinn at or call 619-459-6958 to schedule a Private Skype class or group Reiki Class in your city Reiki I Class Participants will learn the history of Reiki, how to apply a self-treatment and treatment on others, be attuned to be a...

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