August 8-14


We created this course because we had so many clients needing help with this very thing. Over the years we’ve focused intensely on our inner work to heal from the inside out. It’s been a time of going inward and intense learning and practicing what works and deepening our connections with ourselves. We feel a calling and feel honored to help women through this sacred journey that leads to freedom in love. Read more below.


Over these 7 days, we will hold the sacred, loving, nurturing space of compassion, dynamic healing, for women wanting to be free from relationship hurts with men, whether you’re single, in a relationship wanting more, wanting a relationship, going through a breakup or divorce.

Are you ready to heal your heart from the inside out, clear the dark parts and give yourself a fresh clean slate?

We will help you clear blocks, heal, and activate your frequency to open your heart, your vessel of love, magic and miracles through daily morning meditations including grounding, afternoon teaching practices including how to dissolve emotions and shift unhealthy patterns via our private FB group, live Zoom group coaching calls, tools and live group healing sessions including heart healing, removing blocks to receiving  and feeling love and inner child healing. Join us live each day or go at your own pace. All sessions will be recorded and sent to you. 

Who this is for:

For the woman heart warrior who:

  • has a longing and a pain in her heart that is ready to be healed
  • doesn’t know how to heal the painful, destructive patterns in her love life
  • is  willing to heal commit to having a happy heart
  • will commit to doing what it takes to heal
  • wants to free herself from the cycles and drama of her past
  • is living in the past, has not gotten over her ex even though he is toxic and no longer in her life
  • is in a relationship feeling RESENTFUL because her NEEDS are not being met (courtship is over!)
  • has a pattern of being cheated on, ignored or abandoned by men
  • Isn’t being seen by her man
  • is just coexisting in a relationship , “just roommates”
  • is having outbursts at her man
  • angry at life because she keeps attracting betrayal and heartbreak (same ol’ BS patterns) 
  • has a strong desire to have a different result in their love life
  • accepts a man who isn’t there for her
  • ready to have what she wants in love and life
  • ready to attract a healthy partner
  • is willing to have great love and a great life
  • who has a dream that IS bigger for her love life

Who is this not for:

Not for the fearful woman:

*who thinks she knows it all

  • wants to remain a victim
  • wants to keep her pain and destructive patterns
  • keep her story
  • doesn’t want to change her love life
  • wants to remain upset in relationships
  • is willing to settle for being unhappy in her love life
  • wants to stay in drama loops
  • wants to keep her pain
  • not open to healing
  • wants to continue attracting unavailable men
  • doesn’t want to free her heart
  • doesn’t want to experience the greatest heart freedom possible
  • wants to remain hurt, hard and bitter
  • wants to stay in destructive blame and shame patterns

We are sacred love co-creators who carefully placed the best we have to offer in each of our expertise in terms of proven techniques and powerful strategies that get you to shift in your heart space in an instant. No matter how much pain you’ve had, no matter how hard it has been, you can spontaneously heal, attract and on top of that knowing the power of intention and awareness that chooses a love and healing in our heart from the inside out. What could be possible for you from this place of hyper focused intention and community that is sacred and supports you. A miracle is a shift in perception. Are you ready for a miracle? Miracles and spontaneous healing are happening in the world every moment. Why would you be excluded from these miraculous manifestations in your desire for love?  We put this into a loving and intelligent structure to hold you in having fulfillment in your love life.

How many of us can be our own worst enemy, sabotaging our own success, left to our own devices? There is a powerful shift in your love life that is calling to you, that is possible for you right now. Will you answer this call? Will you commit to setting your path on an entirely new trajectory that is in honor of the divinity of who you really are and what you’re meant to have in this lifetime?

This program will not be offered again at this extremely low price. Each day we will have a private community meditation and an evening healing session via our FB private group and/or Zoom private meeting.

Corinn and Nina are exceptional love warriors and just being with them will cause you to shift in ways you didn’t think were possible. You may be able to all of the sessions live or need to take your time. We honor you wherever you are and the pace at which you need to go. We invite you to invest in yourself in a meaningful way that will create real results. We can’t wait for you to join us!

Corinn Lemar

Teaching for over 20 years, first as an elementary school teacher and now helping people heal from the inside out, Corinn is a Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic dream healer. She’s been fascinated by love relationships helping people have happy hearts around the world.

Corinn radiates light and joyful energy in her teachings, readings and energy clearings. Author of Magical Steps to Finding Love, Corinn teaches online courses for heart healing and the magical approach to finding a true Divine partner to do life with.

Corinn lives in Encinitas, CA. She loves bringing her students and clients growth, peace, love and joy.


Aloha Corinn,

I was thinking of you and Nina and the work we did and wanted to share with you a little bit about how I feel my participation has improved me. I was able to really recognize and love myself. My actions are continually creating progress and growth. I have completed my first semester at CSUB, I am 30 lbs lighter. I felt so much love for myself that I chose to work on getting healthy. I can run 6 miles non-stop (I’m running organized 5 & 10K races-I’ve logged 213 miles running this year. I sing love songs to myself now. As I run, I play Pandora and I noticed that now when the love songs come on, I’m singing to me. I am appreciating me and all that I am. Love, thank you for your work and sharing yourself and your journey.


OMG Corinn… I love you!! Thank you from the bottom of my freed up, open and healed heart… (And it hasn’t come back)

Vicki Harrison


San Diego, CA

Thank you so much, Corinn and Nina. You’re both so inspiring. This week was incredibly transformative?


I was initially skeptical about the impact of only 7 days, but working with Corinn and Nina has created amazing shifts in my life. I was in a funk when the week started, and before it was over I felt like the best version of myself. Corinn’s energy work will help you feel grounded, optimistic and connected to your soul. Nina’s cognitive tools will help you to see “problems” and people in your life in new, insightful ways that bring freedom and new approaches. The energetic changes within me have shifted the world around me. I saw positive changes within me have shifted the world around me. I saw positive changes in the people around me and (even strangers), minor and major, before the week was over. I can also tell my state has shifted because I now immediately notice any negative impacts to it, so I can me more careful with my time and energy. This week helped me find a new level of confidence and a renewed sense of self. It also helped me simply think and feel differently. It’s difficult to describe everything Corinn and Nina do, but it’s magic.”

E.H., Writer, Carlsbad, CA

Corinn is a wonderous, magnificent being!!! I cannot thank you enough for the healing you gave me this week. I feel as though tension has melted off my body and a huge weight has been lifted. I am experiencing life and light more fully and effortlessly since the healing. I am more present and readily available to my loved ones now that stuck emotions from the past have been healed and released. You are so gifted and I am eternally grateful to be blessed by your presence. You do all of this with such a natural, down to earth way about you. Such grace and style. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Reiki Master/healer

San Diego, CA

I am loving the program!!! My inner child sure has needed attention. I have noticed this week, that the more attention I give to myself, the more attention my husband gives to me. Like one day he asked me if he eanted me to go pick up food and I said ok. Then when I was ready for the day it changed into let’s walk over and find a nice lunch, conversation, and closeness, which led to passion.”


Mother, daughter, wife

San Diego, CA

This week was exactly what I needed with you 2 fearless Goddesses to lead us through this journey! Thank you!









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