Online Clearing & Inner Meditation Circle


In this clearing and inner meditation circle we will come together via zoom twice a month to remove stuck, stagnant energies from our field, become peaceful, grounded and centered and listen deeply to our own inner guidance. This is a place to:

strengthen your intuition

clear blocks your energy field

ground & center

build confidence

gain clarity

stay on track

live your purpose

manifest your dreams into reality

and ask questions for guidance, which I love!

Limited to 8 souls

I hope you’ll join me!

Two Live Zoom calls a month: Tuesday’s at 7:00pm PST & Thursdays at 10:00am PST

Both calls are recorded to view at your convenience.



Receive a group clearing twice a month on zoom, meditate to connect to your intuitive self and receive guidance from Corinn who sees who you are and holds you and your dreams, sprinkling them with energy and miracles. Allow yourself this gift of connection with spirit and your new high vibe tribe. Q & A for personal coaching included.



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