I had a dream for a couple that were hitting blocks in becoming prosperous in their businesses. They’d created businesses from the heart, were in integrity with their work and couldn’t figure out why they were always breaking even at best. The husband was in major debt and couldn’t figure out how to get out. Nothing was happening for all of their efforts. They were at a loss.
In the dream the two of them were at an old fashioned very well to do event on a lavishly decorated property lawn. Some people were saying the show should be free and judging the entry fee as preposterous. Others were saying there should at least be costs for venue and energy output. What comes to mind immediately is the tribal vs. capitalism conversation. While both ideologies have their benefits, the couple I was dreaming for clearly had current blocks from beliefs held against capitalism. From tribal mentality there is the belief that no one should stand out and make a profit. The community should provide freely and everyone will be taken care of in turn. This belief has been around for centuries, especially around religious causes. To the extreme there is a belief that making a profit is wrong. “You’ve heard the saying, “Money is the root of all evil.” Simply put, capitalism is an economic system and an ideology based on private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.
The next part of the dream showed the couple after the event. They were on the lawn of the event host’s home. He was a wealthy surgeon. He invited them in to stay in his home for the weekend. They gladly obliged. The next thing I saw was the couple had taken a shower and the woman was startled by the sudden realization that the surgeon was standing there with scissors in his hands behind them. The woman’s heart sank into her stomach as she realized they were in danger. In this moment she concluded that rich people are sick and twisted. This next part is disturbing in case you want to skip the details of what happened in the rest of this paragraph. The next thing I saw was the woman sobbing on the floor of a basement with cuts on her chest and stomach, bleeding and the husband on a gurney hunched over with cuts to his stomach. They were bleeding to death. I woke up with sick feeling in my stomach.
When I shared the dream with the couple, the woman immediately said she did have strong feelings around not wanting to be a “rich person.” Her husband said, “My stomach has been bothering me and I can also relate to rich people being evil from a childhood experience.”
When I checked in with my angels and guides what came up was that this was a past life of theirs showing up where they died young from that experience. They each brought into this lifetime deep pain and beliefs from that experience that needed to be healed. Where money was concerned, they’d both been traumatized. We cleared up that energy and released the beliefs that were keeping them from being successful in their businesses. One of the beliefs was, “It’s not safe to be prosperous.” If you suspect that you have this belief, ask your angels and guides now to help you release it. We filled the void with Reiki light.
Two weeks later I received an email from the wife. She said her husband’s stomach feels fine and he just received word that his products have been accepted in a reputable company. She also said that all of a sudden, she has so many people signing up for her classes.