Your visit was incredibly helpful. My son says he feels the best he has in a long time. He came back from running errands and talked to me for an hour. That is HUGE! His appetite is coming back and he feels hopeful.


I listened to your drum journey last night and fell asleep. I woke up this morning feeling really good when you were drumming too. About halfway through I kept hearing a voice repeating powerful over and over and over. Whatever it was, it was amazing… Thank you Corinn.


I want to tell you that I’m in another relationship again. I stuck to your book suggestions once again. I got to meet someone who really wasn’t my type and I gave him a chance. After our first date I didn’t think to give him a chance on a second date. I did and the more time we spent together the more I enjoyed being with him. I’m learning to seek with my heart and find someone who loves me for me. He has told me sever times he loves who I am.


Something amazing happened to me after our session. I was walking down the street and a man stopped me to ask me out to dinner!!!! How’s that for the green light? The cord cutting was really powerful. It’s like Adam is pretty much out of my heart and I had some other things I was holding on to and I cut the cord to them. I literally felt the energy of my heart release as I cut. Thank you for teaching me all of this.


Shawna, CA

I had been feeling off, unable to focus with overwhelm and anxiety. You are so insightful and wise. I absolutely feel so much better listening to all of your suggestions. I am truly grateful for you. If it weren’t for you, I would not have gone for my dreams. I’m where I am because of your guidance. I woke up feeling so much better today and am getting back to a good rhythm of healthy habits/time management. I hope the Universe blesses you for all the ways you help others like me. Thanks again.


World Traveler/Citizen of the World

I loved the class!!! Thank you. You’re awesome and I am so happy and grateful to know you.



Thank you so much for the wonderful retreat. OMG! So peaceful and powerful at the same time! I love you and want you to know that you have made such an amazing difference in my life. Thank you for your example of trusting the universe, of excitement, and of love. I wish you happiness and joy.

XOXO Arbie

“I was initially skeptical about the impact of only 7 days, but working with Corinn and Nina has created amazing shifts in my life. I was in a funk when the week started, and before it was over I felt like the best version of myself. Corinn’s energy work will help you feel grounded, optimistic, and connected to your soul. Nina’s cognitive tools will help you see “problems” and people in your life in new, insightful ways that bring freedom and new approaches. The energetic changes within me have shifted the world around me. I saw positive changes in the people around me (and even strangers), minor and major, before the week was over. I can also tell my state has shifted because I now immediately notice any negative impacts to it, so I can be more careful with my time and energy. This week helped me find a new level of confidence and a renewed sense of self. It also helped me simply think and feel differently. It’s difficult to describe everything Corinn and Nina do, but it’s magic.”

 E.H., Writer, Carlsbad, CA

 Something funny happened today. Yesterday I was thinking about how it’s possible to shift your mindset instantly (thanks Corinn and Nina), and I thought, I can meet a new man tomorrow if I want! Then I thought, Nah, all I’m doing is working at home. But today I unexpectedly had to go to FedEx to pick up a package, and while I was there a man struck up a conversation with me. We ended up talking and he asked for my number. He was quite a bit younger (typically not what I’m looking for), but it’s not about him, just about what a shift in mindset can do! Been a long time since I met someone new, especially during social distancing days.

 On Wednesday I briefly set the intention that I’d like to hear from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a while (didn’t have anyone particular in mind). Since then, FIVE people have contacted me to catch up. I’ve noticed in the past that when I’m feeling good others seem to sense it even if we’re not in contact. I think we communicate energetically through the collective. So clearly I’ve shifted to a better state of mind in just the last week.

 Thank you so much, Corinn and Nina. You’re both so inspiring. This week was incredibly transformative! ❤️ 

 I was going to pm Corinn, but decided to share with the group. I am loving the program!!! My inner child sure has needed attention. I have noticed this week, that the more attention I give to myself, the more attention my husband gives me. Like one day he asked me if he wanted me to go pick up food and I said ok. Then when I was ready for the day it changed into let’s walk over and find a place to eat and we had a nice lunch, conversation, and closeness, which led to passion.

 Wanted to share an exchange & breakthrough which happened last night… I joined this to help me work through what felt like a total abandonment & betrayal by the man that I love & have been with, been planning a future with for the last 7 months. He told me on the phone he needed time to himself, likely a few months, to get through his divorce being finalized & gaining custody of his son who he hasn’t seen in over 4 months. The difference in our stories at the time this happened (last Thursday):

 ME: why isn’t he choosing me? You can’t pause a relationship, you’re in or you break up! I promised myself in the past I’d never wait on a man again! Does the last 7 months mean nothing to him? I’ve stuck by him through so much & now that game day is here he doesn’t want me around??… And the old negative stories went on….

 Him (based on what he has actually said to me): this divorce & custody battle are taking everything I have. I’m burnt out, I have nothing to give. I’m ruining my relationship with Sabrina because I’m angry & frustrated all the time. I don’t want to ruin this further. I want us to have long term success. I need to retreat on my own for a bit to gather strength for this upcoming fight & work on getting myself to a better place.

 I gave myself 24hours to feel the pain & wallow in my hurt & stories… Then I had a talk with my inner self & told her we need to work through this (this involved reaching out to trusted friends, including Corinn, to share & ask their honest gut feelings). I also found myself feeling like I needed to get rid of as much of his stuff/energy from my space as possible. I boxed stuff up & asked my cousin to give to him along with a letter I wrote 2.5 days after explaining that I have alot of mixed emotions but realize why he is doing what he’s doing. Also that in order to honor my healing, I needed these reminders out of my space.

I committed to this week of transforming & healing so I could get clarity. I sat in the hotseat yesterday & after the lovely support & advice, along with a few minutes of offline coaching with Corinn, I sent him the attached text apologizing for my over reactions… Then, after sending… the hardest part… I released it to God & the Universe with the intention that I’d be OK if if he didn’t respond… As you can see, he did ♥️

Things are not magically ‘fixed’ but I feel a certain peace in things being cleared & being on the same page as to where things are at for now. I own & am present to the fact that the upcoming months won’t always be easy, that it’s OK to miss him & when I do I will send him (& his baby boy who I simply adore) lots of love & strength.

 My focus in moving forward is to continue transforming whatever is in the way for me personally to have & be with a fully available life partner & to ground deeper into self love. I am still working through the hurt & fear & giving myself compassion for my experiences while also honoring that he needs this time to himself to heal & he didn’t actually abandon me ❤️?

There’s SO much power in owning our part & being real about the situation!! ???


I just had a date. He messaged after the zoom call and wanted to meet for coffee. Seeing the mirror let me know how far I’ve come. We are meeting again. I have another date Sunday and then I got this message as I’m in my 2hr coffee date. And this is what my profile says as of last night. I can’t wait to work thru all the videos and journals this weekend. Much shifting and progression. Had to share.


 I absolutely loved the call today!! My biggest take away was when Corinn was talking about acting out the souls having a conversation about the agreement you’d make for this life lesson ? I took at walk, visited my buddies out on the ranch & pondered this conversation…I wrote it out when I got back & what came to me was something I hadn’t yet been able to put into words….” I need you to do this so that I can learn to give myself the Love & Care I was seeking from you!” ?❤️?

It makes SO much sense now! He & I always joked whenever there was tension between us that we were def brought together to work through alot of our stuff ☺️ I suppose this is the biggest 1 yet.

 Good morning ? doing really well thanks ? feeling very centered, with so much clarity over everything going on in my life & things with him ❤️ SO grateful for the support, healing & coaching thru this past week!! ❤️

This week was exactly what I needed with all of you with 2 fearless Goddesses to lead us through this journey! THANK YOU 🙂

 Thank you so much, Corinn and Nina. You’re both so inspiring. This week was incredibly transformative! ❤️

 Corinn has been there for me when I needed deep healing on my legs. I have a complicated nerve disorder called chronic regional pain syndrome for ten years. Her Reiki sessions have been truly sent from heaven! No prescriptions or herbal painkillers have ever worked for me- but after an hour of her working from a distance, I have been able to feel 1000% stronger and less painful in my times of need!

 Elizabeth Wall

Seattle, WA

 I eagerly look forward to Corinn’s Universal Drum Journeys every month. It’s uncanny how well her dream messages match up to what I need. Although I don’t understand how the processes, downloads, and upgrades work, I really feel them as they’re happening. And being able to journey from my own bed is a BIG plus for me. I get so relaxed and sleepy that I’m not sure I’d be able to drive home from her office. Having the recording means I am able to do the whole process over again several times during the month. I definitely feel positive changes happening in my life from participating in Corinn’s drum journeys.

Nancy W.
Reiki Master
San Diego, CA

That was really cool. You were drumming my whole body. It was all originating from my umbilicus. Like I was reconnecting to the Universal heartbeat. Wow! I have felt so alone and desperate over past 17 weeks. It feels so good to connect. Thank you!

Laura Baumann
Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master
San Diego, CA

 I got so much clarity around what I want to do, including a hidden purpose I never thought I had. Things are moving and there are so many ideas popping up! Thank you!

Mandy Ho
Satisfaction Coach
New York, NY

 Oh, Corinn……I love you!!  Thank you from the bottom of my freed up, open and healed heart….(And it hasn’t come back!!)

Vicki Harrison
San Diego, CA

I knew you were special the moment I met you and knew you would somehow change my life. I’m such a better me because of you and am so grateful for what you’ve taught me. I am so in awe of the simple magic of Reiki even after 2 years. Thank you my master teacher and friend for sharing this with me and countless others. It’s an honor to work beside you.

Denise B.
Cardiff, CA

 Corinn is a wonderous, magnificent being!!!

I cannot thank you enough for the dream healing and Reiki you gave me this week. I feel as though tension has melted off my body and a huge weight has been lifted. I am experiencing life and light more fully and effortlessly since the healing you facilitated. I am more present and readily available to my loved ones now that stuck emotions from the past have been healed and released. You are so gifted and I am eternally grateful to be blessed by your presence. You do all this with such a natural, down to earth way about you. Such grace and style. I love you, Corinn, Thank you thank you!!
Reiki Master/healer
San Diego, CA

 I’ve had really bad psoriasis all around my eyes for months and it kept getting progressively worse. And since the reiki session it has improved dramatically! Almost unnoticeable if you don’t know it’s there. I feel so much better emotionally too. So cool!!

IT Support
Seattle, WA

 Thanks so much for your time and support yesterday.
 I am so pleased to have faced this issue in my life and released it to the wind. The calm I feel being able to own this part of my life again is powerful. 
I have sent a bank check which may take a week to get your way but it is en route.
 Let me know if I can ever, ever do for you.
 Your spirit is very open and welcoming and the hard work you do to touch and help others is evident.
 So very much appreciated.
 A hug to you.


When I met Corinn I was very “stuck” in life in many different ways. I am so happy to say that since I have been dream healing with her I have achieved much better physical, emotional and mental health. In addition to all of that, I have met the love of my life and we are engaged and starting a new life together! I have a great deal of gratitude in my heart for Corinn and all that she has done for me.

Carly Juengel

 I cannot thank Corinn enough for the dream and Dream healing she gave me this week.  I feel as though tension has melted off of my body and a huge weight has been lifted.  I am expressing light and life more freely and effortlessly since the healing she facilitated.  I am more present and readily available to my loved ones now and those stuck emotions from the past have been healed and released.  Corinn is so gifted and I am eternally grateful to be blessed by her presence.  She does all of this with such a natural, down to earth way about her.  Such grace and style!  I love Corinn!  Thank you, thank you, let’s continue…


I received a gift from a client of mine for a 90 minute Reiki session with Reiki Master Corinn of Healing Palms Reiki in November of 2010. And what a gift it was! When I entered Corrinn’s beautiful Reiki room she immediately recognized me from a dream she had had about me and my sister the night before. She asked me to read and sign a consent form and invited me to get comfortable on her Reiki table. She explained that she would perform the entire healing session from one position, the crown Chakra while receiving guidance from the Archangels and her guides and taking notes. The dream session lasted nearly two hours. It was very relaxing and full of sensations throughout my body of heat and energy and release. I received a healing that day.

 She helped my body release a lot of negative emotions, especially unexpressed anger that was being stored in my liver. I experienced a mild “healing crisis” – a 24 hour detox. My kidneys went into overtime clearing all of the stuff I no longer needed from my body. My lower back was so sore that on my two and a half hour drive home I couldn’t sit back in the seat of my car. The detox continued over night as I could not sleep on my back. I stayed hydrated and in the morning I felt like I had lost 20 pounds! All of that negative energy in my body and energy field had been released.

 Reiki was a gift that keeps on giving. Six months after my Reiki healing I felt called to begin my own study of Usui Reiki. I took Corrinn’s Reiki I, II, & III classes and then went on to take her 12 month Reiki Mastership Program. After my first Reiki attunement I began giving myself Reiki everyday, sometimes twice a day. I gave Reiki to my family, friends, and neighbors. I gave Reiki to ballet dancers for their injuries. I used Reiki with my children as first aid and to calm their emotions. In the summer of 2012, my two children, 10 and 7, received their own Reiki attunements from Reiki Master Corinn.

 I am blessed to know Corinn and have her in my life, not just professionally but personally as well. A gifted healer, she is my teacher, my mentor and I am happy to call her my friend. A fellow Lightworker and soul sister, her presence on this planet makes me feel more at peace with life on Earth. Ram Dass said, “We’re all just walking each other home.” It is a pleasure, Corrinn, to take that walk with you (and do as much work in light and love along the way as we can)! Many Blessings!

Dara Eden
Feng Shui Consultant, Energy Alignment Coach, Certified Reiki Practitioner

 I first met my Reiki Master Shaman Corinn at a health fair at the hospital where I work in the Spring of 2007. My marriage had recently ended. I was torn up and broken hearted and suffering from severe abdominal pain/IBS brought on by stress. Almost the minute Corinn lalid her hands on me the healing began. I have been a regular client ever since.

 I believe that Corinn has helped me bring balance to my body, spirit and heart. Through my journey with Corinn, I have been able to get off of all of the medications that I once needed to take. This was a welcomed side effect of my treatments from her.

Most importantly I believe this balance helped me become whole and thus able to attract and find the man of my dreams. Corinn has helpepd me to be self confident, radiate with inner peace and allow love to flow in me and through me–giving me the ability tohave an amazing relationship with my special someone. Corinn was an honored guest at our wedding in the summer of 2011. She continues to help me in all facets of my life, not only with healing, insights and energies that help me with my marriage, but also with my mothering, my high stress job, and my care for myself. I am so incredibly grateful for all of the small, but mighty miraches she has helped me work on over the years.
Amy Schneider

I just wanted to say hello it’s been a very long time since we last spoke. I hope all is amazing in your beautiful life! Last time we spoke I told you I was leaving to India, and well….. I did! I left a little over 5 months ago and have been traveling ever since. My girlfriend and I have had the most magnificent adventures and are now in Nepal near Mt.everest. I have been practicing my reiki every day and it’s gotten very very strong. I reiki my food while giving thanks , reiki my girlfriend and have learned to spread my aura. Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught me I think of you often. My girlfriend and I started writing a trilogy about a girl who starts meditating and starts receiving powers. Then has to save the world using peace. We have even named a character after you because of the inspiration you have given me.