I had a dream for a client where she was standing on the sand watching a cruise ship come in. All of a sudden, the ship tipped over throwing all of the people into the water. She ran towards the disaster yelling, “How can I help?” A little girl in a pink kayak rode up, got out and walked up to my client. She handed her a white dove. Then they went into a kitchen and grabbed some snacks while they sat in silence looking at the plants in the window.

You may be feeling grief and sadness that is being pushed out of humans right now. You may be feeling your own as well. This full moon is helping us with a mass cleansing and it can be very uncomfortable. It is for a good reason.

We are evolving into a clear channel of light to be able to help humanity with major transformation on the planet. That requires us to clear our own space inside of us and in our lives. You may be feeling a strong urge to help. You are right on point if you are feeling this. With this dream, the woman was running to help out of panic. The little girl handing her the dove, a symbol of peace, was a message to take care of her self first and bring herself into a grounded, stable place of calm before helping others.

The message is simple, yet profound. If you want to help, don’t forget to get yourself grounded and centered in peace first or you could be swept away with the suffering of others. You cannot hold other people’s suffering or solve their problems. You can offer sympathy and help where it is welcomed. Always ask permission first. Deal with your own emotions, inner demons first and you will be a stable channel of light for others. We cleared her energy and amped her up with processes and upgrades to her energy so that she can be the best her while helping others. I hope this helps. Thank you for being with me on this journey. Keep breathing. Take time away from others to clear, cleanse and regain centering if you start to feel you are sinking with them. Big love to you.

Much love, Corinn