Welcome to my video page! We are in a time where great healing of old patterns and issues can occur if we only allow it to come up and out. My mission with this Video Channel is to help people heal by using the power of dreams to create forward motion in their lives.

I will do this by providing dream healing and teaching instructional videos, offering ways you can use your dreams to gain insight into exactly what is ready to be healed. I will share how to decipher symbolism given in dreams and how to use a pendulum to communicate with your higher self and other spirit helpers of the light to help too. I will offer clear examples of dreams I have used to with both myself and clients to heal and move forward out of old patterns. I will also share intentions for each dream and which tools I use for different purposes, such as special mixtures from CorinnTreesofLife, crystals and stones and Tarot cards.
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Full Moon Message

In This video I share messages that came through for us at the full moon.

6 Things to Avoid to Find Love

Do not do these things if you want to have love in your life. Here's the link to join our Heal Your Heart in 7 Days program. Corinn's book, Magical Steps to Finding Love:…

Anxiety Relief Reiki Healing & Meditation

In this video you will receive a Reiki healing for relief of anxiety, worry, and fear.

Pain Relief Reiki Healing Meditation

In this 14 minute meditation I give Reiki to anyone who is watching the recording for pain relief and a couple of tips on how to deal with it.

You’re a Super Star!

Here’s my favorite dance instructor and my replica lol 😂

A Quick Pick Me Up

One of my favorite dance instructors, David Ramirez, taught me this move 🤣

Become a Confident Healer

Learn how to be a high integrity healer with confidence. Reiki Mastership is now open. Contact


This song by Carry Underwood resonates through my entire soul

Clear Psychic Attack

Learn how to clear psychic Attack for you or someone else and how to protect yourself from psychic attack with dream healer Reiki Master Corinn Giuntoli. Corinn’s signature course: The Magic of Dream Healing www.dreamhealercorinn.…


De-armouring metal blocks to receiving in life. Corinn's online Magic of Dream Healing course:

How to Stop Suffering

In this dream healing episode, Corinn shares insight and a quick and easy technique to stop suffering. Did you know that paying attention to your dreams can change your life? Check out Corinn's online dream healing course: www.dream…


Holding boundaries doesn't come naturally to us. Here's an animal message from the alligator in Corinn's Dream. Magical Dream Healing Retreat: Corinn's Dream Healing Online Course:…

Success Help

Corinn talks about the frustrations that can come when trying to be successful in business and how to deal with it. Link to Corinn's Magical Dream Healing Retreat:


Use the law of sound to manifest. Check out my online Magic of Dream Healing course:

Celebrations in Dreams

Dreams can be messages from our soul! This one was. Learn how to work with your dreams in my online Magic of Dream Healing course:

Prosperity Meditation

Archangel Michael helps us release blocks to prosperity and Archangel Ariel helps us fill the void with light of prosperity! Background music:Shamanic Dream II by Anugama

Light Meditation

By running the light infusions through my body, the energy transmits through to you during this guided meditation helping our energy and mind lighten for a powerfully centered way of being.

Grounding Manifesting Meditation

We are more powerful with what we bring into our lives when we're grounded and plant our desires into the earth from our hearts.


These grounding techniques help you feel solid in your body and fortify your energy field for protection and prevention of taking on others emotions and energies. Make this a habit by repeating them several times a day and spend a minute on each one. Before you know it you will be grounded for hours…

Get Rid of Hiccups FAST!

I rarely get the hiccups, but when I do it's really annoying!!! This technique worked in three seconds! Let me know how it goes and please subscribe. Thank you! Corinn is the author of Find Your Extraordinary Love: Create the Power Partnership of Your Dreams…