The dream I had was of a woman at her co-worker’s last day of work. She really wanted to add to the collection of the group gift that was being organized, but she didn’t have any spare money. She really wanted to show her appreciation for all he did for her. She felt horrible at not being able to be a part of the gift and embarrassed that she wasn’t better with her money or saving that year.
When I checked in with spirit, a question came to mind: “What makes this woman think that if she doesn’t have money to give towards the gift that she can’t appreciate her friend?” “Why is her worth based on money?” This woman has had a tendency to work herself to the bone, which means always being on and never resting. Why does she do this? When I asked her why it’s so hard for her to rest she said it’s because she’ll be worth nothing and she has to prove to her husband that she’s trying to make money. She said if she rested she would be a lazy person, a drop out. When she was a child her mother gave her gifts and that made her feel loved. Her uncle gave her money in birthday cards and she felt loved when he did that. One year he showed up with a card and there was no money in it. She thought she did something wrong or he was mad at her. She truly believed that this is how you show love.
From this experience, she vowed to always show appreciation with money and when she had none to give, she felt worthless.
We asked Source for a death ritual for unworthiness and any energy around having to have money or you’re worthless. We recalled the specific memory when these beliefs started and cleared it with the help of spirit. This healing set the foundation for her to feel worthy by simply being alive. She will enhance this empty space by filling it with visualizations of having more than enough and being the kind of person who can be generous. This effort is a real energy output that will benefit her, versus worrying and looking only at what she doesn’t have. She needs to start to manage her business earnings better and set money aside for things that are important to her. She doesn’t have to know exactly what they are, but determining a budget keeping track of what she does have and putting just a little bit each month into savings could be a start. The last part that’s hers is to start building her self esteem by acknowledging what she does do each day is enough and stop when she feels the tendency to work herself to the bone. It’s been said time and time again that you are your business and if you’re exhausted, your earnings will reflect that. Taking time out for self care is a wise business decision. Just by being good to herself, she will be such a gift to others that is priceless. If she becomes rich in health she will have no other option than to thrive in her business.